Merry Me


i must be the last person on this planet to blog about St. Patrick’s day. A late but very special thanks to the beautiful Nuffies who gave me and a|x our entry and drink passes into Frangipani to party like there’s no tomorrow. Sadly our empty growling stomachs wouldn’t let us, so a|x and i left for some tapas at Pinchos after a Guinness. Here’re a handful of pictures of my green dress to story you my night:









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  1. nice dress! what type of green was that? 🙂

    you look gorgeous and your bf is handsome!

    1. i found it at Bangsar 😀 thanks for the compliments honey`

  2. question : how do you keep your armpits looking smooth and white ish.. cos some girls have like different colours ie darker colour…

    1. hmm… i never thought that i have super fair armpits.. i just scrub ’em when i do a body scrub and use Dr Mist deodorant i guess.. hehe!!

  3. the dress is indeed nice, i’ve been having hard times trying to get a single coloured maxi dress but im not really in lycra fabric. any recommendation where to get gorgeous maxi dress like yours?

    1. i got this green maxi at one of the random boutiques at Bangsar 2 years ago! haha.. maybe u can try Ms Selfridge? sometimes u really gotta try ’em on to judge! 😀

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