5 Cinspirations

With a new year comes a new room, and I’ve got 5 new Cinspirations to add some character to my favorite space at home. They are:

1. This vintage globe


{placed next to my board of postcards to remind me of how big the world is, yet how little is traveled}

2. This ‘camera’ thumbtack set


{for finally holding each postcard in place, and this pretty origami crane from Tokyo}

3. This serene couple


{to bring back the piece of mind I gained in Bali, especially at times in need i.e. after work}

4. This chic bottle and glass in 1 that screams “Drink Me!


{because placing this set in my room helps me keep the discipline of taking my psyllium husk with 2 glasses of water first thing every morning}

5. This key plate


 {because gone were the days I scramble around, feeling like my heart fell to the ground – “Did I just lose my keys?!“}


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  1. so tasteful, as always ! <3 =D

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