5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 Cinspirations that make my week brighter ever since I returned from Japan.

1. These specialty food


{because now I can easily remake them at home after having tasted the ‘real thing’}

2. This Tokyo Banana charm


{because it arrived unexpected when I un-boxed the caramel flavored ones}

3. These best beauty buys (and curious Tarzan licking around)


{because these babies can last me for a very, very, long time}

4. This lingerie set from Ravijour


{because I’m certain I can’t find a white lace bra in Malaysia with a design so unique}

5. This Ladurée pen


{because this pretty thing was an unexpected find I chanced upon while walking along the beautifully tree-lined streets of Marunouchi, my favorite place in Tokyo up-to-date}


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