cloud 9


i always knew that i have something for skies but it was only yesterday when i came across the extended realization that my pictures translate them too. Be it gloomy or blue, i love them all the same. Sometimes i think of it as a remedy for the ‘poor’ who dreams to travel and see the World (but are restricted by problems or money) because no matter where you’re at, the sky looks the same everywhere. All you have to do, is lie on the grass, stare as far away as you can into the sky, and imagine you are where you wanna be. Now you know my little secret to happiness. 😳






{New York}







One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller.


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  1. me too. i like to take photos of the sky. it represents limitless and i love the clouds!! sometimes the photos look like paintings too :]

    1. then u r a romanticist too! <3

  2. oh yes i love seeing different type of clouds formed on the sky! <3

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