My 25th

DISCLAIMER: My camera broke; which resulted in the lack of updates you might have noticed this past 2 weeks. i hereby express my deepest regrets to my loyal readers, who continued visiting without fail… just to see stale ol’ entries. The good news is, i (FINALLY) got a DSLR as a birthday gift to myself; which means better pictures in Cin City!!! Fortunately, it is one of those dreams that can be made true with the ever so mighty – credit card.

p/s: the pictures in this post were taken with a borrowed camera.


My 25th birthday was sparsely celebrated between 4 days… and (still) counting. Reason being, it fell on a Monday so we decided to spread it out throughout the weekend. The initial plan was to party at a gay club on Saturday, and staying at a resort & spa with my best girl, Ruby (who flew down all the way from Perlis) on Monday itself. Though we didn’t manage to stick to any of those plans, we decided to resume the idea early December. To my bunch of awesome friends and a special guy nicknamed sT, thank you for showering me with so much love and surprises… i swear you guys are amazing! Since i didn’t have a camera to capture the Zeus-like celebration, try to think of this entry as a Special Edition of {5 Things} posts i do routinely; this time with gifts:


{my 1st Prada, that came with a note}


{36 lovely roses, currently lingering its sweet scent in my room}


{Charles & Keith vouchers from Rene}



{my brother brought me home a husband}



{such is a gift only a best friend could give. thank you, Eri}


{Oliver’s (very) thoughtful D.I.Y gift}


{thank you everyone, especially Ruby, for THIS!!!}




{the little surprise celebration as the clock stroke 12 on 21.11.}

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  1. scroll down 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9….image #9! what a rainbow!!! it’s like a cage of <3
    see you in 3 weeks babycake!

    1. 3 weeks exactly!!! <3

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