[AD] A Malaysian 1st World Pain


Sounds familiar? Welcome to the world of sh*tty line and connection.

For years, I’ve been using telco X and it was an incredibly, memorable, rough journey. At first, I thought it is just where I live. But when I finally made the decision to end my loyalty and convert to telco Y – Mother of All Bad Luck! – it was still sh*t. Being the social(media)ite that I am, I turned to the channel I know best: Twitter. So I sent my desperate feedbacks and guess what? Nothing improved.

The whole point to carry a phone, is to be able to USE the phone to make a stable phone call at the very least; especially when it regards urgent matters. I almost got hit by a car from behind because while Wazing, suddenly my connection decided to disappear and I was left stoned in the middle of a diverting highway. WHICH WAY TO GO?!

I fought with Di Caprio several times on the phone just because the unstable line was simply too frustrating (I wouldn’t dare to move once the line becomes stable; fearing that it might break again; but alas! This trick only works once in a blue moon).

This persisting situation has become a hindrance to communication that harms my relationships with people!


On the way to cinema hall 7 two days ago, I saw an interesting poster by Altelnativ telling me not to throw my phone. I went back and Googled about it to learn that it is a forum developed for all mobile consumers to share their thoughts and opinions of their current mobile experience! (Exactly what I’m doing right now.)

The interesting thing is, all voices will then be heard and used to develop an end product based on what we really need and want, improving our experience with mobile service providers in future. Altel is the latest telco operating in Malaysia after being a start up, that has won the LTE spectrum license from the government.

Here’s how to start:


1. Create an account.

2. Choose a topic that interests you (i.e. dropping calls!).

3. Start posting questions / a new topic at the forum.

4. Give good advice and vote for the good ones.

5. Get rewarded!


This digital platform isn’t just about venting out frustration. It also rewards you for giving good telco advises, so start earning points by interacting in the forum and swap them for the reward you WANT.

Like Altel’s cool Facebook page and scribble your thoughts here to play your part in building a stable and reliable line in Malaysia for Malaysians. What are you waiting for?

*Second image via Front Row Reviews.

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