Txoko Spanish Gastro Club, Mont Kiara

Location: Kuala Lumpur


The True Meaning of Gourmet.

We often hear the word ‘gourmet’, but what does ‘gourmet’ tastes like exactly?

If you’re a gourmand, voila!, you’re at the right place. If you’re a food connoisseur but have yet to try gourmet food, I am about to reveal a secret place that will spoil you rotten with the best gourmet preserves throughout a 3-hour long gastronomic adventure.

Welcome to one of the best Spanish restaurants in KL! The next time you’re looking for authentic Spanish gourmet food in KL, look no further.


Like speakeasy bars’ concept, Txoko’s name spreads quickly through word-of-mouth amongst both local and foreign epicureans in Malaysia. Tucked cosily away behind secret wooden doors at Puncak Prima Condo in Mont Kiara, is a whole new world waiting to be unveiled in front of your eyes.


An experience just like in Spain . . .


I feel as though I am invited to a food lover’s kitchen in Spain on a lazy summer day – nothing better to do but to eat good food, chat to learn new things and have a good time.

Bottles of cava, a ‘spanish champagne’, if I can call it that, conveniently greet guests at the entrance. Right in front of me is a table spread of glorious jamón. Every table is layered with traditional chequered table cloth. If you draw open the red curtains towards the end on the right, you will find a kitchen with various paella pans sizes hanging on the wall. *Paellas are cooked in front of 10 to 30 guests, as the chef explains the importance of paella origins and the selection of ingredients he uses.

*Book in advance. 

I’ve been around Spain for a month and I must say that this gastro adventure is as great if not more informative! Such is a concept that hasn’t existed in Malaysia until the birth of Txoko SGC. (Wiki: Txoko)


Every staff you will meet here are experts bursting with passion in what they do. Ask them anything and you shall receive a true answer.

Whether you are a Spanish food enthusiast (or not), you’ve got to try this premium food tasting session at least once for an experience you will hardly forget. There are 2 main parts to this course: seafood and meat.


Let’s talk about . . . seafood 


From caballa (a bigger type of sardine) to baby scallops, juicy tuna (yes you heard me, juicy) to exquisite sea treasures like yellow fin bonito from the north coast of Spain, once you enter the doors of this sacred place, you are in for the REAL deal.


Each product has a certificate* from Real Conservera Española and are as premium as premium can be.

*The certificate is a piece of paper with blue fonts you will find bathing in oil within the can!


My favorites are: clams, baby scallops and paprika oysters. You will definitely discover yours here.


Let’s talk about . . . meat


I don’t know guys . . .  The cured meat selections here are such a WIN – I am dying to put the F word inside just to emphasise how badas** they are! I’ve tasted jamón from literally countless places and I don’t think I’ve tasted better.

In Iberian countries, the government actually sets rules to regulate the quality of jamón iberico being produced. For example, there is a strict and specific age range of when an Iberico pig can be slaughtered.


José is a third generation producer from one of the best farms in Spain, who speaks not like a book from encyclopaedia but from true and lived experiences. He knows by heart the races of pigs and how to feed them in order to get the best quality meat that is incomparable to commercial brands.


Unlike jamón serrano (made of white / pink pigs), the process of making jamón iberico (of the black pig) begins as early as taking milk from the mother pig to feed piglets. Once they can jump over the wall, it is time to watch what they eat as it plays a huge role in how the meat is gonna taste. That said, a lot of effort is focused at this stage, like feeding them organic carrots so that the ham tastes almost sweet.

The pigs are also made to exercise, as they have to walk to the river for water. This is why Iberico is a healthy meat that is high in good fat; Omega 3. (Wagyu pig, anybody?) Who would have thought about all these but the Spaniards?!

Only when a pig weighs between 150 – 160KG can it be slaughtered.  The meat takes 2 to 3 years to cure by every season of the year. That said, the total duration of a jamón production can take up to 6 years! Premium much?

P.S. Duroc exists, and it means a mixed breed between the pink (serrano) and black (iberico) pigs.


Let’s talk about . . . drinks


The welcome drink here is cava, sourced from the best cava producer in Spain. It’s name, Cinta Purpura (purple ribbon) sounds like ‘Cinta Pura-pura‘ (fake love), which makes it super famous in Indonesia.

The white wine we sip is made of a unique type of grape from Galicia, mixed with apple (!), which pairs super well with seafood.


On the other hand, the red wine is soaked 3 months in oak yet is lighter than a Rioja, making it a very easy drink.


Other products . . .


There is a guy who produces the best one of the best paprikas in the world – but he doesn’t use Whatsapp. How do you find him?

If you appreciate QUALITY products, THIS is where to find them.


True fans of Spain must have heard of Cola Cao (my brother lugged home huge bottles of this). Like Tim Tams and many other international products, once they are produced in a foreign country to cut cost, quality and even taste are compromised. At Txoko SGC, you can find the ORIGINAL stuff instead of paying for extra baggage to bring them home.


Txoko Spanish Gastro Club

C-0-3 Puncak Prima Condo
Jalan Sri Hartamas 17, Taman Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Map location: https://goo.gl/maps/o8Si1kxQyBy
Call / WhatsApp : +6012 3456 331
Hours: 2 timeslots on Fridays and Saturdays only, 6 AND 9 p.m.


Watch this video I made about the TOP 5 Spanish Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, selected by the Embassy of Spain KL to represent Spanish cuisine in Malaysia and remember to subscribe to my channel!


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