Life Is A Beach


Since i was young, there is only one place i love to be – the beach.

Every chinese new year, dad would drive us up north all the way from south to Kuala Terengganu. Every trip, i would persuade beg the adults to take me and my cousins to a beach called Batu Buruk. There were always very few who volunteered an offer, always insufficient seats to fit everyone, but more often than not we made it there very happily. Since my grandparents passed away, i had not celebrated CNY at KT for 10 years . . . until this one gallops along.


Our luck gave us an expensive but lousy family suite with a great view. Throughout my 3 nights stay there, i witnessed 3 sunrises as beautiful as sonnets; they left me speechless in the midst of all the happy family chatters. Imagine waking up every day to this view before going to work; what a difference it would make to life O’ life! But maybe that’s just me, because i noticed that everyone else merely gave a glance when i exclaimed “Look at the sun!”, then resumed their suitcase-shuffling.


i have many cousins but there is one who is such a dear. She is a girl who has the kindest heart and the most extensive helping hand i’ve ever known but alas! We have a bad habit of teasing her since we were kids. Though i always feel guilty after, somehow it has become part of our relationship. You will see many pictures of us taken together from this reading point onwards.

“i know you will (definitely) want to go to Batu Buruk. You won’t give it a miss; am i right?” she said laughing generously on the sofa.

i smiled at her and absorbed those sincere moments gifted to me just-like-that. When we couldn’t drive yet, getting someone to drive us seemed like a favor so big to swallow. Now that we can drive, that doesn’t mean anyone would or should offer, lest remember where i liked to go. It felt like a help offered without having to ask – how often does that happen to us? We need more people like this in the world; i need to be more like this in this world.


Obviously, i accepted the offer. And snapped a LOT of pictures.  i hope you enjoy the rest of this beach-y photo diary. 😉


She’s the reason i got to witness not only sunrises but also sunsets, making my short stay worth karats. Saying goodbye as usual ain’t easy, but we are planning to travel together for the very first time.

Next location: Hong Kong.


Batu Buruk, 2014.



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