Bella the Belly Button!

Hi everyone, meet young Bella!

She never had a name, not until she got a life. XD




Ma’ mission to get it PIERCED!!! 😀


@ Borneo Ink


My lovely wife Eri Peng was there for and with me throughout the whole process. <3


Like a freakinggg surgery. I almost peed in my pants! I’m just joking LOL~

My resistance towards pain is actually quite high.


*GASPING in joy*


Measuring Bella…


Dotting the 2 points to pierce a fat needle through >_<

Here’s the video I used 2 nights to edit + add annotations :

Starring :

  1. My cute piercer
  3. My hawt cousin Nicole Tan Sze Yin
  4. Yours truly

Voice Over & Camera Woman :

  1. Eri Peng


You know how this feels? It’s like the BEST thing I’ve ever done in my life! I’ve been wanting to do this since I was 14; thanks to Britney Spears LOL


It takes 1 week for the swelling to heal,

3 weeks of no seafood, swimming and abs exercise,

6 months before you change the jewelry,

The discipline to wash the piercing with saline twice a day after shower.

And it’s really just that simple and pain-free! So if you have a cute belly button………. XD

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  1. nice, so bellas gonna be exposed more from now on aye?

    1. yeah baybeh~! hahaha

  2. yay! congrats! 🙂 finally u got it done.. i got mine done 11 years ago 😛 now we can shop together for belly button rings.. haha.. jk

    1. where to shop for it?! i have no idea lol!

  3. just curious, why is it pain-free? got inject the numb medicine? I am interested, but, really, I can’t see the logic behind hwo it will not hurt AT ALL. cause a friend of mine did it too, and she told me, totllay no pain too. Weird. my pain tolerance is equal 0. lol..

    1. no numb medicine, but it really is not pain untilllll can die or faint. if celebrities can do it & tahan, i think we also can gua~ lol

  4. wow cute, I want to do it too
    but no guts like u lar.
    on a scale of 10 how painful is it?

    1. 6! but that’s when it’s bein pierced. after only 4, for a while

  5. this is sooo random and prolly out but i wanna know where
    did you get your shorts! <3

    1. i got it from Pull & Bear quite some time ago O.o

  6. Don’t like piercings but Tats are okay.

    1. harrr? i’m the opposite lol

  7. very cool. looks great on you 🙂

  8. Lisian Toh on

    welcome to the navel ring club … now me thinks you are wondering why you didnt get it done before! So how many piercings do you now have?

    So is the tattoo next ? hahaha … lower back or hip????

    Ciao, Lisian x

    1. i have 7 now. & no tattoos for me lol! u have one? (:

      1. Lisian Toh on

        cool. Yes, I have a blue butterfly tattoo on hip … not that painful 🙂

        I must email you a pic.

        Claio, Lisian x

  9. belly, belly good.

  10. hey cindy, you looked scared..hahaha..
    btw, it is nice!

    1. i was! but it is rili nice! 😀

  11. Nice one Cindy! =D

    I want to do another piercing too!

    It looks good. 🙂

  12. U very the slim la,can i go stay vf u for few months
    and eat what you eat ar wtf.

    1. hahaha… i think i blogged about my secrets to stay slim b4 ler…

  13. Omg, fainted. U did piercing to your belly. =). icic, is it pain

    1. not really. it’s bearable!

  14. nice belly button..
    thanks for mentioning my blog at your previous post few months ago

    1. no worries mate (:

  15. Wah.

    Not painful meh ?

    1. when the needle goes thru obviously it does, but it’s only for 2 mins. (:

  16. i have exactly the same ring on mine *high five* and never change it since day 1 :p wah!! that was five years ago!! o_O”

  17. wanna do belly piercings too! but am afraid. can you squat or bend over or anything to do with slouching? >< & how do you clean it? thanks so much cindy! 😀

    1. don’t be too afraid~ yes u can do everything or any pose once the would totally heals. how long that takes depends on individual, but the longestttt one can go should be 6 months. in my case, less than 3. always ask the piercer beforehand if they r gonna give u any solution to clean. if they don’t and just suggest you what to use, find another. 😉

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