Hello March


There are a few things I look forward to as we march into the handsome month of March. If you live in your head most of the time like me, here’s a little note: Once March comes to its sweet end, a quarter of 2016 is g.o.n.e. Whether this is gonna be a great or lousy month, depends on how well we choose to live. So let’s make the best out of it!

Time crawls like a caterpillar and flies like a butterfly whenever it wants. Lately I’ve been feeling like a cocoon wrapped in silk threads the color of pink roses; except that I am cemented at a rather complicated corner of a tree branch by the highway. While I find time’s contradictory characteristic rather scary, I am excited and happy at the same time, yet I can’t fly.

To say I feel happiness every second, 24/7, is a lie. I don’t think that is the nature of happiness. Part of it is about catching yourself at random moments wondering, “What am I doing with my life?”, “Am I on the right track?”, and learn with a sigh of relief that you are living the life you want because you shape it that way.

Life is a lot like PlayDoh. It might stink and get your hands dirty, but shape it well and you have a nice piece of art. If you don’t, then life is just a piece of dead meat.

Enter: The biggest challenge this month – getting married. Turns out there aren’t many cases like ours in Malaysia, and not having a Portuguese embassy locally doesn’t help nothin’. From Portugal we took instructions from Paris, just to be rejected by a bunch of clueless women in Putrajaya that they aren’t sure if they can accept the documents or not because they look different from the samples from Bangkok in their ‘BUKU CONTOH‘.

You’ve got to be kidding me. What does one have to lose for using some brains?!

“It’s a case of computer says no”, said É, mimicking a lady’s voice, and we laughed so hard despite all the trouble we went through.

February taught me that we can always make plans and shape our life but things can’t always go our way. Here is where the overrated saying “That’s life, kid” comes into picture. Nevertheless, I believe that as long as we can learn to take changes positively and alter plans wisely, the experience can still be beautiful – like dancing in the rain.

Here are 5 pretty highlights I am looking forward to this brand new month:

1. Moving into a new home with É (after months and months of searching).
2. Discover a new café / restaurant worth sharing.
3. Writing my series of Turkey travelogues.
4. The possibility of visiting Chiang Mai (if we have to fly to Bangkok to get our papers sorted).
5. Trying out a new hair look (like this tutorial here) and getting my nails painted the color of spring.

Other events to get you started: Matta Fair (11 March), Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival (11 – 13 March), St. Patrick’s Day (17 March), Easter (27 March).


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