Wedding Cinspirations: The Details


When planning for your big day, everything feels like a priority but certain things do come first. To keep the process enjoyable, calm, yet progressive, I organized my to-do-list by segmenting them out into categories. Here is my version of priority countdown from 10 to 1.

P.S. Note that this timeline works only for a signing ceremony and not a wedding reception.

* * *

10. Deciding your outfit

When: At least 2 months before. 


Putting the outfit first may sound like a subjective decision as different brides have different priorities. As a fashion blogger, what-to-wear naturally turned out to be the first thing I tackled. Without knowing what I’m wearing on my big day, it was hard for me to feel inspired or to select a theme for my ceremony – elegant / chic / princess-y?

If this happens to not feel as much of a priority to you, keep in mind that the dress might need alterations and that takes time. If you are purchasing online, ALWAYS opt for express delivery (even if it costs you more). Don’t forget that #10 also comes with shoes, accessories, a clutch perhaps (?) and sometimes what you wish for from a certain brand might not carry it that season; which means you need more time to seek them elsewhere.


9. Selecting your guest list. 

When: Depending on venue, #8. Mine only required 1 month before.


Without #9, you can’t do #8, that is booking a luncheon venue as you will need to know the size of your party.

We kept our list close-knitted to immediate family members, two of my aunts (who shaped me growing up by showering me with teddy bears, storybooks, crossword puzzles and lots of laughters when I was a little girl), plus a bridesmaid and a groomsmen to assist us throughout the event and to keep the spirit of the atmosphere fresh and young.


8. Booking the restaurant. 

When: Depending on the venue, I’ve heard some ridiculous places that require you to book 1 year in advance! I only did my a week before, but I highly suggest getting this done as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. 


If I had a choice, I suppose I would go all out to invite a celebrant to a pretty posh venue, surrounded by fresh flowers and delicacies that leave you at a limbo between food and art. Since I couldn’t, that changed everything.

It wasn’t a choice for me to feel happy or sad, as it is the law. But to think about it now, I feel grateful and even a sense of triumph, as the (money-saving) rule indirectly brought me back to practicality; reminding me that this is a signing, not a reception.

For the ROM, my dad and I chose the Grand Imperial @ Hartamas as it is indeed grand, and most importantly incredibly close to JPN Dutamas; which makes moving the guest a bliss.


7. Choosing a photographer.

When: Depending on how ‘famous’ your photographer is, you might need a few months. I booked mine about 1/2 a month in advance. 


As I wasn’t spending a lot from the list above, I didn’t want to burst my budget by outbalancing it on the photographer. I am lucky to have a few girl friends whose husbands are into photography, hence know a lot of photographers. Getting them to share their contacts was how I started #7.

Our photographer, Liew, is a friend of my best friend, Eri. While I wouldn’t say he specializes in weddings, with a clear email about the shots I want, we are satisfied with a very reasonable price. Liew charges RM200 for the first hour and RM100 for any additional hours, providing us all the edited photos without watermark (a factor that comes first to me as I really hate photographers who do that).


6. Shortlisting photoshoot venue(s). 

When: Mine? Only a week before. 


I chose this picture because I wanted to show you that bit of condominium peaking at the corner. See it? It is the first place É and I chose to call home and moved in together. What you see is actually a park that comes with it. How we discovered this gem was an adventure on foot by two trespassers. We picked this easy spot as it brings memories that bring meaning to us.


5. Ordering the flower bouquet. 

When: Order at least a week before, collect the day before. 


My friend Sarah K saved me big time on this one. I didn’t know where to start looking even after Googling. Obviously, I wasn’t confident with my Google results. Sarah recommended me two places (Weng Hoa @ Petaling Street and Floristika @ Bangsar).

I went with the option that sounds least expensive and was contented as fuck AF with what I found. That said, I can only imagine the one in Bangsar being a bride’s floral dream come true! The other option would be Sunny Days Gift Flower if you’d like to order online.

You’re welcome, but thank Sarah.


4. Getting your cake wish fulfilled. 

When: As my mum was my personal star baker, I shared with her my Pinterest ‘cake cinspirations board’ a week ahead, where she started baking 3 days before and delivery to my doorstep on the event day itself. 


{My brother’s girlfriend, Iki, enjoying a slice of sexc, naughty cake}

Having only the photoshoot as a lineup and a luncheon as an ending felt rather bare and bland. I wanted our guests to participate in something fun, personal and less customary yet still, in an intimate environment. So I got my talented mum, or some of you who have been following me for years would know her as Chef Moi, to bake me a Red Velvet Naked Cake.


3, 2, 1. Facial, nails, then hair; in that order. 


Facial – 1.5 weeks before (to avoid redness and to give your skin time to calm down). Let your beautician know that it is supposed to be a ‘wedding facial’ so she doesn’t go crazy on the blackheads extraction. 


Nails – 1/2 week before (I highly suggest gel manicure). 

Hair – The night before (that’s me) because otherwise the other (better) option would be the morning itself; like at 6 a.m., which I feel is too brutal for an unconventional bride! 



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  1. Hello! I love your dress ^^ may i know where did you get it from? Thank you and congratulations!

    1. Hi Estee, my top is from ZARA & my skirt TOPSHOP. Thank you for the kind wishes! (:

  2. Hello! so sorry! just saw it on your another post! hahah thank u!

  3. […] On a separate note, not in my wildest dreams did I imagine moving twice in a year. Some of you may have seen our first place back in Malaysia; a large, luxurious unit with sprawling gardens and sparkling KL skyline – we had to let it go due to É’s work circumstances. I saw pictures of it just now and realized how much space we had to play around with. Little did I realize that I do miss the first home we built together and got married in. […]

  4. Hi, cindy can you please share with me the photograher’s contact as i am planning my ROM.

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