[AD] Bearigamies

How you doin’ MATE? Hahahaha!

Greetings from Brisbane Australia, lovelings~


Today is Fascinator Day for Airene & me! Do you know what’s a “fascinator“? It’s a very “in” thing in OZ rite now; that “thing” on my head. LOL

I’m goin’ to hit the city in a minute, but before that, let me show you the spot I go online from Airene’s lovely crib!


So naisss no?! ^o^

When surfing the net ere, I came across a very fascinating website which seems to compliment my fascinator & outfit today.


It’s about the World Cup Fever and the Celcom Blue Bears! You can visit the site here (eventho you are not in OZ land! ;p)


Can you guess which is my FAVORITE football team?

Blue 2

You can download FREE ringtone, online games & wallpaper from the Celcom VS website, and there is ALSO the Berigamy section!!!

Blue 3

Wonder what’s a Bearigami? Aha!

Bearigamies are the adorable blue Celcom bears in Brazil, England, Italy, and Portugal jerseys.

I am NOT gonna reveal to you YET which my favourite team is (not until I manage to fold my Bearigamy!) but here is how the downloadable version looks like –


Cute rite!


Figuring out how to fold Bearigamy lol~

You can also play online games, watch the latest bear TVC, and find out about Celcom exclusive promotions during football season from the website.


Okay mates, I’m ready to be fascinated by the sunshine state together with my fascinator now. Good bye & have fun folding your favourite Bearigamy!

Will show you mine once it’s done.  =D

* * *

As you’re reading this, I’m already at Brisbane; busy being the happiest girl on earth! 😀


I’ll be here for 2 days, then Gold Coast for another 2 days. So if you happen to be where I’ll be, please leave me a message on my Twitter / Facebook / leave a comment on my blog cuz I would really ♥ to meet up! ^^

Saturday morning I’ll be back to Malaysia, FML. Anyway, let’s save OZ for another day. I have a short update to do now. 8)

Everyone has a Facebook account. This is mine :


I used to approve everyone who added me until one day, I realized that even people I know couldn’t anymore!

It says “Sorry, this user already has too many friends.” 🙁

That’s a problem because people I do know obviously has to be given priority, but I can’t approve them anymore because I still have 1800+ pending…



Another MAJOR problem is that all these people I don’t know start adding my real friends too, and I’m so tired of hearing complaints of them saying “the only mutual friend I have is YOU!

Even one of my exes deleted me because of the same reason fml max. I have 2 Facebook albums of us with him tagged, and the number of people adding him was CRAZY.

Therefor, I have no choice but to create a page for myself. It’s not perasan okay~ I’m not blogger X lol (internal internal!!!) T___________T


Many asked me, “Why do you care about those people you don’t know? Just ignore them lah! But I believe everyone deserves a chance to be friends with any one they want.  (=

If you wanna receive my blog updates, share makeup & fashion tips, or even join a discussion with our ‘family’, do join us here.

See you there! xxoo

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  1. Kalau tebal dompet, kan best.

  2. cindy, i guess u don’t want to make strangers upset hence u add everyone.. for me, i only add those whom i know 🙂 so now, i have like 200+ pending friend requests.. not as much as u :p~

    ps: i hope u won’t delete me on your private account.. i’ve yet to meet u in person! haha

    1. i hope i did not! i actually did accidentally deleted a friend & he got upset :/

  3. I’m not joining yoyur facebook, i don’t want to be 1 of 4000 next month :p 🙂

    1. cheh~ *sulks (lol)

  4. Hmm, it seems that I was wrong all this time. I thought networking is making new friends, and friends of friends. I thought most people add friends of their facebook friend. How wrong I was. I guess if you hope for only people that you know to visit your blog, you won’t be getting so many hits on your page.

    1. dont small gas laa… aiyo

      1. Not small gas la. Granted I was a bit upset when writing the above comment. To me, I consider my friends important and I care about them, maybe because I have only a small circle of friends, not thousands. Not even hundreds yet. There is no loss in having more friends. To me, more friends means wherever I am (at least in Malaysia), I can always ajak a friend out for yum cha and chat, if they are free.

        So far, I’ve had the privilege to meet quite a few friends that I’ve known from facebook and msn messenger. Went out for drinks with them and find that some share my favorite activity, makan. So we go hunt for great places to eat.

        So sorry if I sounded ‘small gas’ to you.

      2. haih… then how la.. T_T

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