[AD] Dear Mirror (3)


i’ve received countless “i saw you & Ruby on TV!” messages up-to-date and if you missed the commercial, here it is! 😀

And as promised, here is one of my documentations of Ruby and my preparation for our “special occasion” (as mentioned here and here). To keep fit for the upcoming friendly tennis match, we went jogging at a luscious green park at the outskirts of KL city. What made it special was a complete group of camera crew who came along to shoot our journey with us.



Since our challenge involves getting outdoors and playing under the sun, protecting our complexion is very crucial to us. Olay White Radiance addresses hydration, translucency and whitening to help skin achieve bright luminous fairness, rooted deep within skin at cellular level*. A key product in this line-up is the Olay White Radiance CelLucentTM White Essence, powered by the CelLucentTM complex. With regular use, we will be able to achieve bright luminous skin without whitening injections!

*epidermis level only




You can follow Ruby’s twitter here and mine here to keep up with our preparation and progress to win this exciting challenge with Olay White Radiance. It works at cellular level by reducing the production of melanin; the substance that appears dark on skin. Not only does it reduces the dark spots that already formed, it also prevents spots from appearing on the skin in the first place upon exposure to sunlight.


Stay tune to watch more of our delicious bite size episodes~!

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  1. i LOVE the last picture HAHAHAHAHA!

    1. me too!! damn funny la u can come out with such pose lololol

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