Lose Weight the Cinful Way

Women always complain they are fat. Even when they are as thin as a bitch, they still think they are fat. Fat Fat Fat. -__________-

Therefor, I think this post might interest you. “How to Lose Weight the Cinful Way“. It prolly is not the right way, but it sure does works for me.

Today I weighed myself and the scale showed 45KG, sharp. My height; which I believe has not deteriorate, is 5’5. I am not proud of my weight. It’s tragic.

It is always easier to gain than to lose love weight, but this time I am worried. I completely lost my appetite to eat. Each time I see food, I want to cry.


1. Get your heart broken.


This is the most irrational yet effective way to lose tremendous amount of weight.


2. Watch what you eat.

a) Breakfast: Fruits & Milk


If you can’t eat em’, blend em’.


Milk is important to prevent gastric while papaya goes well with milk. You may opt for other fruits.

b) Lunch: Salad


NOT with mayonnaise or thousand island BUT lemon juice + olive oil + honey as dressing.

c) Dinner: ONLY 1/2 a bowl of rice


Or lesser.


Always apply the “1 Bowl of Rice A Day” rule and you definitely won’t get fat.


I always have more “liu” (lauk) than my rice.

3. Go on a Liquid Diet.


Cook a pot of soup with lotsa veg and protein;  be it from beans or white meat.


Korean steamboat liu.

4. Have tiny desserts.


You need to layan your cravings or you’d get frustrated halfway then tend to eat a lot of junk when you get hungry.

Remember, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. No one gets fat by not eating; that has gotta prove something rite?


Like me with this tiny serving of morsel.


It’s the panna cotta. See? Even Eri practices it!  ^^

Once you reach your target, you can wear sexy dress like this :


To hot events like :


HENNESSY ARTISTRY at the Opera Club, Sunway Pyramid on 19th March 2010!!!

The artiste I’m looking forward to see most is ! :



She break dances while DJing, parties like a rockstar, and has also produced all the sound for Nike Europe’s Nike iD (Troupe) website! So geng~

Other artistes line up includes Bunkface, DJV G Mix, and Shawn Lee from Malaysia. There will also be a Live Tweeting Zone that has been specially set-up for tweeters out there. 😀

Alright guys, good luck in losing weight; if you plan to. It takes discipline, practice, & time so be patient and persevere!!!

xoxo <3

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  1. Good tips, i haven’t tried papaya with milk before. Must try it one day. Look at your cinful way of loosing weight, I feel really sinful for what i have just taken for lunch.

    1. it’s also good for boobies! hahahaa

  2. but with so many cinful food around especially like your mother’s one is not easy! Work time also quite mess up my meal time. Probably i m finding excuse n not determine! Sigh!

    1. then how liddat~ but i think u don’t need to loose weight. 😉

      1. Haha, loosing weight is a headache , too much headache = sickness !

      2. >_< don't do it unless u r ready for it lols

  3. I was heartbroken, and I lost 2-3kg? In a week. That’s like super alot! ;p


  4. I’m opening a shake bar which helps people to lose weight and soon will also be conducting events like weight loss challenge program.. if you’re interested maybe you can pop by~ Btw, papaya with milk is totally delicious.. BUT.. i have a bunch of fabulosity recipes to make amazing shakes. I would love to share them with you. 😉 Email me if you’re keen. *muuaaks*

    1. wow! sounds fabulous~ u can email me your plan 😉

  5. you need to eat more rice!!!!

    1. =/ but i don’t like rice!

  6. get your heart broken meh?

    i’m in a dilemma now (and i am sure lots of guys will too),

    1) if u get heartbroken.. hooray! means you are available.

    2) if u get heartbroken.. you will be sad, we will all be sad too!

    hahaha. either way, being slim is not that important right?

    just stay healthy and happy! woo hooo~

    1. sigh~ i dono… i’m very sad right now. literally like a walking dead.

      1. awww, why is that?

  7. not sure if its intentional but its “lose” weight rather “loose” weight =)

    thanks for the tips though.

    1. thanks for mentioning! =D

  8. wow….a very light meals!

    But how does breaking ur heart help in loosing weight? Normaly those who are upset eat alot(for girls)of candies

    1. cuz break dee no appetite to eat. full of disappointment – get the pun?

      1. huh….ic, seems like it’s an opposite effect for us locals.

  9. Omigosh Cindy… how can you be fat??? I think that you are perfectly slim . In fact, you are underweight. I am 157cm and 76 kgd 76 kg. I am losing weight the hard, ardous and suffering way.
    Worse, I do not have a natural fast metabolism.
    If I have your weight and height, I will be the happiest
    girl in this world. Count your blessings that you are slim
    and tall.

    1. i know i m underweight… m trying to gain back a bit! counting blessings at this time… i need some more time >_<

  10. The salad dressing is very healthy! may i know the exact proportion of each ingredient? 🙂

    1. i simply one! LOL~ a tablespoon of everything? >_<

  11. Lolz… Maybe you can be a good cook like your mum only
    modern and ‘healthier’ way. if i eat everyday like this
    like u i think i will ‘pengsan’ lolz…

    great blog..looking forward for more 🙂

    1. haha! i wish i can cook like my mum. n i think i almost pengsan liao. no appetite l8ly fml

  12. i also wanna lose weight.. but not as disciplined as you =P

    1. =/ then CMI lorr…

  13. the diet seems healthy to me. but need to exercise too wor.

  14. aneroxic, please eat properly k!!! <3

    1. tell me about it. now i cant afford to eat my ‘cinful way’. ==

  15. I like your post. My ‘diet’ consists of:

    -half a bowl of cereal, raw oats and low fat milk in the morning
    -salad or sandwich throughout the day (small portions, every 3 hours or so)
    -very little rice (or non at all) and lots of lauk like veggies etc at nite
    -no supper

    And I workout everyday too~! =D

    1. That’s GOOD! looks like u got the tricks / secret to having a gr8 body!! Good xD

  16. i totally agree with the “cinful” way! i may not be
    as slim as you T_T but the tips definitely works!:D

    oh and NO! papaya milk did no miracles to my boobies
    pun! T_T

    1. hmm… tips mmg will work one… the boobs… LOL! i also not too sure how to prove sebab my boobs also small hahahahhaa

  17. Guys think their sausage is a weiner so they eat like pigs get a big belly and no longer can see anything maybe the tips of their toes
    … :p

    If you think 45kg @5’5″ is fat you should see some of the elephants in Canada 🙂

    1. Ahahahahah! aiyo that’s true about most guys. I don’t think i am fat but I guess U didnt read propply – I said my current weight is tragic (too skinny). )=

      1. Sorry, a big elephant got in my way…wait oh it was my belly 🙂

  18. Oh my…even just by looking at your diet plan, I want to faint liao. How to go by a day with so little food?? 🙂 Ok, no wonder your photos and mine look so different! Now, I get it. Being pretty takes hard work! Haha…

    1. it is hard; like an inner struggle. but when you get use to it, it becomes a good habit to eat healthy. 😉

  19. wow, but ur mom whips up SUCH DELICIOUS meals! u mean to say that u dun eat them??? i waaaant! 😀

    1. hahahhaa… i dont live with my parents thats y! ):

    2. hahaha… i do; in moderation. 😉

  20. wow ~ the salad looks yummy ~ I would love to take the salad as my replecement of lunch , but seems like it needs to consume some times to prepare this ><

    I'm a new visitor to your blog ^^ and is there any way I can follow your blog ya ? hehe…


  21. my dear, r u going to tis hennesy artistry partee tonite?

  22. Hi Cindy,

    Am really impressed with your diet plan. But one question: is this applicable to people living overseas? As you may know, winter season makes your tummy crave for more food. Would love to see if you have recommendation for this.


    1. i think during winter u can eat more; but dont use that as an excuse tho. only eat when u r hungry. drink hot soup!

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