[AD] Hennessy Costume

Just a quick one.

I missed a couple of (CNY dishes) pictures, and because they are so so nice I can’t afford to let them not make an appearance under my ‘Cindulgence’ category!

Random pic :


This is not the Sun. This is the MOON! Check it out – I took this shot using my S90 camera on Chap Goh Mei.

Below are the last 3 CNY dishes my Mom is gonna present you & I hope you’ll love them as much as I do.

1. Japanese BENTO!!!!!


<3 <3 <3

2. Korean Crab Fried Rice!!!


(I feel Deja Vu as I am writing till this point but I can’t find these pictures in my previous CNY posts! Have you seen these pictures before? =/)

3. Korean Hot Soup!


Deja Vu proceeds to grow… =S

Ok wa’eva~ I’ll add something happening at this point to contradict the ‘homely feel’ I just generated. Maybe I miss home too much. Become crazy @_@

I am still a HAPPENING person okay! Being tied down by office hours and relaxing at home doesn’t stop me from missing out the-next-BIG-event happening this coming Friday (19th March) at Sunway Pyramid’s Opera Club starting 9PM onwards! It is the :


See the two small blue tabs at the right-hand-side of the picture? You can follow them on Twitter, or join their Facebook page too. 😀


Me and ma grrlsss~! ROCK IT BAYBEH, ROCK IT!!

Party Queen : Charlene Meng


She’s awesome when she drinks. HAHAHAH! What are we w/out Hennessy.


What we are w/ Hennessy.  XD

Party Princess : Eri Peng


These pictures were taken by her btw.

Artistes line up are :

  • DJ Sarasa (Japan)
  • Bunkface
  • DJV G Mix
  • Shawn Lee

The mixology of music, visuals and cognac, all blend in its own unique and unrivalled trend. I can’t wait to go to this Artistry event. Hopefully all my lovely candies can make it. *prays*

I worn my baby blue Tinkerbell dress already & I certainly need to find the next sexc dress to attend this HUGE partyyy.

What would you wear?  (;*

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  1. the bendo doesn’t look very japanese 😛

  2. extremely sexy~

    your bento is “so neat”?

    1. not mine… my mum! lol

  3. You’re making me hungry in the middle of midnight.

    1. Ops… I did it again! haha

  4. hawwtnesss babe 😉

  5. hungry, all the food so colourful 1! just like my colourbox when i was young! and u look so smoking hot ! Puufffff!

    1. Thanks Jess sweetie~ XO u!

  6. full moon, yummy food & hot sexy girls ….. one can’t ask 4 moreeee. pls dont let the sun comes out otherwise all the cinderellas has to go home…..hehe hehe

    1. Good one! LOL~ But i am Cindy, short cut for Cinderella! >_<

  7. I just read this post and that is such a gorgeous dress!! Is it okay for me to ask where you bought it from?

    1. hey i got it from Rosso boutique Bangsar~

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