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Lately, i’ve been juggling 4 things at a time. If you’re interested to know, basically, this is how my timetable looks like :

a) 9 A.M. – 6 P.M.  : full-time job

b) 7 P.M. – 10 P.M. : acting class

c) 12 A.M. onwards : blog

d) this one is a secret but it has something to do with business.

i’m exhausted!!!!! )=

Photo 15

if u see my hair all tied up, it means i have a super busy day. i can’t wait for 15th July. that would be the last day of my intensive acting course, and also the day Alex comes back from Madrid.

Phewww~ 1 more week to go.

Blogging is one of the things i prioritize and juggle along with my job & passion. Having that said, i’m blogging about a pledge by TLC Promise Me campaign i took up lately to help Madam Lily Sin get a pair of multi-focal glasses & hair makeover to suit her new frames 🙂

i will share with you the progress of my pledge so far but before that, here are some pictures i took during the media launch @ BSC last Monday :


We are the bloggers who believe that every little effort counts and taking on charitable causes can be fun, engaging and ultimately rewarding!


The girls & a comel nuffie, Sara.


The Speech.


Minister of Women, Family and Community, Dato’ Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil officially launched the event.

Below are the bloggers who are gonna fulfill the wishes of the less fortunate :




Kimberly Cun



(i think i missed out Sai Mat Kong lol~)


Look at the cute kids posing on stage!!!


Touching the lives of others with kindness in our hearts and pledges in our hands, is our mission <3

The progress of my pledge is going smoothly. The first post i did about TLC Promise Me Campaign, a lady named Nathalie Seroux commented, and immediately fulfilled Madam Lily’s 2nd wish – which is the hair makeover! Plus, it is gonna be at a luxurious salon in Bangsar Village II.

Biggg thanks, Nath! 8)

Nath is from France. i wanted to “test power” and see how my fellow Malaysian friends would react to a pledge, and here is the response:


3 out of 3330 people likes this.

Compare that to some topic i posted like about the weather or my hair :

grey p

We have 31 comments.

Sigh. i love being sexc and all that, and it’s ok if you like sexc things like me, but seriously guys, Facebook & all that are very surface things.

Peel me like an onion and you don’t have to dig deep enough peel till you tear to learn that i do love to help the needy, and i hope deep down inside you, you do have that too.

Photo 239

Let’s go that extra distance beyond a pledge and make a difference together.

p/s: As an update on Madam Lily’s multi-focal glasses, my colleague, Mahesh is being very kind to intro one of his (optical) clients to me. The meeting is today, so….. Fingers crossed!

Back to juggling. 😉

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  1. Good on you, It’s always tough generating interest in good causes, always will be I guess
    Hey.. you act too? That’s very cool I’m developing several short screenplays right now , I need some info about “the scene” or whatever in KL, do you mind if I email you? You might be able to help me out. Thanks.

  2. take good care of ur health gal. 🙂

  3. With your tough routine, and hours you still can
    contribute to charity causes.You are truly

    1. THANK YOU! i wish i could do MORE!! hahahaha

  4. wow so tats your time table , almost full time already hahhaha!but better than nothing to do..

  5. Dear Cindy, you are so welcome. I did not do anything. I just linked you with someone I know!! that was so easy. You did the job. You went there. You took Mdm Lily there. You are the star.
    Happy to help. 🙂
    Love, always, Nathalie

    1. 🙂 Thanks Nat.. ♡

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