[AD] Supercin

Wanna take a wild guess on what’s brewing inside this pot every morning on my breakfast table? 🙂


It’s something super sexc


It’s my family’s favourite Super Coffee!!!


Coffee is supposed to be instant, on-the-go, and give you that extra kick to last throughout the day. However, i am always worried about the amount of sugar i have in my cup, therefor ended up drinking kopi O kosong – coffee super bitter.

One day, dad and mum found this while grocery shopping :


Super Coffee Mix! Our favourite is the one in the middle – Super Regular Reduced Sugar 3 in 1 Coffee, while coffee lover who loves stronger aroma and robust flavor should go for Super Rich 3 in 1 Coffeemix.

Super 3 in 1 Coffeemix is made from the finest coffee beans, specially brewed to its premium taste, blended with the best quality creamer and sugar in a well-adjusted ratio.


Now there’s a contest that can win you passes to JJ Lin’s 100 Days Super Tour!

Just purchase any pack(s) of Super Coffee that i mentioned above and you are on your way to win a Macbook, Canon EOS 550D DSLR camera, and tickets to JJ Lin’s showcase.


Cut out the barcode of the Super Coffeemix and attach it to the form i was filling up above, and send your application away~ 😀

Concert dates are 3 – 5 September at KL, Penang, & Sabah. i wish i can win the passes to Sabah!


Since the best of us drink coffee everyday, why don’t try a packet of Super Coffee and grab the chance to see JJ Lin LIVE, or own you a MacBook today? Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

For JJ Super fans, you can visit his Facebook page here @ www.facebook.com/halojj

Good luck 8)

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  1. sexy as ever baby~

    1. sexc’s ma name, sexc is ma name~ rofl

  2. How about Supertey.
    Teh satu please.

    1. sad max u make fun of my surname lol!

  3. i oso wanna drink!

    1. i read your blog also got !

  4. Hi Cin, I also like coffee. For me everyday 2-3 cups for
    sure but I only like fresh brew coffee from machine.

  5. Just love to see you smile~~~so beautiful!

    1. awww~ thanks Richard

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