Fashion Wednesday

who doesn’t love receiving parcels? since i was a lil girl, there is something very delightful about having the postman at my door holding a packet of surprise (usually from aunt) for mum and tiny me ^_^

a couple of days ago, i received a pretty heavy parcel which made me jumped in joy!


it’s from The Pop Look!


here are the timeless pieces i unpacked from the parcel and hung on the Fashion Wednesday bar. from now on, i will try to make it a point to have a fashion post every Wednesday. yay!

today i’m introducing 2 pieces – how to wear the Slinky Harem Pants and Hillary Dress ala Gossip Girl.

1. Slinky Harem Pants (as seen worn by Blake Lively)


Read on to follow the study in details of what you might need 🙂


Cin’s version.


of course you will need a) silky harem pants. Serena is seen wearing a pink one here but let’s be practical – We don’t live at the ‘Upper East Side’ and a pink harem… it’s just too funky and not very versatile. therefor, i picked :


slinky harem pants in beige.


second item you need is b) grey / ecru loose tank top.


i got this timeless piece from Topshop. costs me a bomb for just a top, but my love for it is just as dear.

now as usual, once we get the matching pieces done, we move on to accessories.


i’m breaking down the picture above into details :


c) chunky dangling necklace in emerald, pleated in gold,


d) high-waisted belt,


e) beige handbag and remember, f) a hat you don’t get to wear lol!


see the same difference between 2 pictures?? haha..


as for the shoes, i happen to have a pair that is almost similar to Serena Van Der Woodsen!


see?? 😀


as for the makeup, you can revisit my Go Blake Lively Today ol’ entry here.

get your very own pair of Slinky Harem Pants at before it’s gone!

2. The Hillary Dress in Beige (as seen worn by Katie Cassidy in Gossip Girl)


my brother thought i have the EXACT same dress!


you’ll need a) a beige hillary dress. this perfect piece is also from


bringin’ sexc back!


if you focus on the details in this picture, you will see that Katie goes for the minimalist style when it comes to accessorizing.


b) silver locket and dainty earrings.


c) go LOUD on the shoes! instead of blue leopard print heels, i’m wearing mine in Circus.


use natural tones for your face to match the colour of your hair & dress.


and there you go! Katie Cassidy in 3 simple steps.

wanna be a Gossip Girl today? get in style with thepoplook today! 8)

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  1. hey guess what!! i have exactly the same stilettos with the one u wearing in this post!!! lol…!! Exactly d same!

    1. u mean the 1st pair? O_o where got stilettos!

  2. eh.. cannot view ur pictures geh? flickr unavailable atm? zzzzap

    1. got ah, which post takde?

  3. weh! cindy mana foto u? x-rated ya

    1. foto i kan merata-rata blog nih~ lol

  4. Wear harem pant by all means but
    don’t be someone harem… ha ha ha.

  5. The place like the one you took photo with a doll last time and posted in fB leh, isit the same place>?

    1. same place kottt… xD

      1. No wonder the place loooooks so same Plus the angle almost the same also hhahaahaha!and one omre the Grey colour top looks very nice also

  6. erm..Harrem pants only look good on slim girls!

    1. got ways to wear for everyone wan… + a dash of good confidence! 😉

  7. photos macam ada problem

  8. well the only thing i dont have this – go LOUD on the shoes! instead of blue leopard print heels, i’m wearing mine in Circus.

    haha… btw i love the 1st dressing… something different for me to try on =)

    thanks for sharing !!

    1. YAY! if u dont have loud shoes, try plain red pumps, or go NUDE! nude colour heels, i mean XD

  9. There are some unavailable photos..
    Anyway, the dress looks so feminine *like*

    1. hmmz~ my iPhoto synchronization siao

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