Silver Lining

The sun is coming out! i can see it peaking through the naughty clouds!!

They say : behind every cloud there is a silver lining. Today i’m inspired to create a look based on those very words. i hope you like it as much as i do. 😀


i observed how foreigners dress when they travel in our tropical country, thus incorporated some pretty touristy touches here in this look; with the help of some special accessories…



Cropped Stripes T | Cotton On

Grey Soft Cotton Tank | Forever21

Grey Short Shorts | Supre

Arabian Scarf | random shop @ monorail station

Fringe Bag | Forever21

These accessories have their own personalities as they are gifts from a|x when he traveled to different countries :


Necklace | Myanmar


Classic Charro Earrings | Caceres, Spain


And here you have the complete touristy look! i figure this would be the perfect outfit if you were to take a trip down to our very own Petaling Street or Pasar Seni one sunny weekend.

Just slip your feet into a pair of red Haivanas (or simply any colour you favor), and you’re ready to paint the town red. 8) Que tenga un feliz fin de semana!

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  1. Pretty ! it’s something i would wear.
    Do you speak spanish? nice.
    Buen fin de semana para ti también

    1. Gracias! i’m learning on my own from the Spanish for Dummies book. i just checked out your blog; nice one! how did u find out mine? 😀

      1. I read fourfeetnine and other
        asian bloggers :). I’m kind of fascinated
        with asian culture. It’s so different from mine

      2. it is.. but unfortunately, my spanish boyfriend is trying to convert me into european T_T

  2. Very pretty, indeed !!! haha 😀

    And does that mean “Have a good weekend”? 😛

    1. Yup! Clever!! haha

  3. weird combination though.

    1. too safe = boring! XD

  4. Cindy,

    A pretty and practical combination for travel.

    At for travel in warm climates.

    Dress like that where I live and you would be freezing.

    The temp outside is 0C.

    Your bonus for us, is we see your lovley legs and sunny smile!


    1. where r u from? take me take me away! haha

  5. Cindy,

    My location is West 83.00, North 42.50.

    A not to warm -8C outside this morning.


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