Nude Love

This post is specially dedicated to all romanticist fashionistas out there~ ♥

As long as you haven’t been kissed during any of those rainy Parisian afternoons, you haven’t been kissed at all.” – Woody Allen’s judgement.


Call me a hopeless romantic, but i always dream & dream of going to Paris. Maybe i’ll get to meet my “lifetime someone” @ a sidewalk cafe terrace in one of the wings of Louvre museum! Who knows?

It is not something impossible; but i think a dream will always remain a dream, as i’m living in reality. Crafting this post & putting it all together is like an escapade for me, & i would ♥ to take you along on this trip with me. 🙂


If you share the same dream with me, take my hand~!

This is nothing like a travel post, but it is inspired by the most romantic city in the world (i sound so sickly cheesy, i’m aware).


i compiled a look i would wear if i ever get to walk to Pont Neuf bridge & enjoy the magnificent view of river Seine~




wicker hat | Forever 21

simple maxi in nude | The Pop Look

skinny belt | Topshop

brown leather bag | Sportsgirl au

bracelets | Diva

gold necklace | vintage


At night i would simply throw on a cosy sweater & wear my hat on his head as we walk along Montmartre Hill’s memory lanes, & share kisses under those lovely street lamps… ♥

Ain’t the idea of romance such a beautiful thing? It could potentially be my favourite hobby.

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  1. ti’s ur place? the red carpet n curtain thingy all very nais!

    1. it’s a corner in my room~ hehe!! thx ^^

  2. Looking gorgeous, as always ! 😀

    And ah, Paris. Which girl doesn’t dream of the city of love???? 😛
    Man, I sooo should plan a look for that day !!!! xD

    1. me too.. no idea when that would happen tho… xD

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