Catwalk Colours

One important fact you must know about me, is that i, am a HUGE, HUUGGGEEEE fan of Topshop. Don’t ask me why that is important, it is just very important.

You can get me ANYTHING from Topshop & it’ll definitely go to the left side of my slide closet.

When i received an invitation to Topshop’s Heavy Duty makeup launch, oh boiii was i happy. 8)


Blazer | Dotti au.

Fish Bone Dress | Topshop.

Necklace | Mintmark & Co sg.

Black Hosiery | Topshop.

Red Pumps | Rubi au.

BagXOXO us.


Heavy Duty Limited Edition makeup range offers solid metallic tones that are perfect for Winter ’10 season. (i know, we don’t have winter here – but doesn’t mean we should be left out from the fashion bible!)


The non Limited Edition stuff.


Being a Topshop addict, i have a strong chemistry with these hot cakes on the racks; like the kind between a magnet & your refrigerator. lol


The makeover table.


Me, sandwiched between two cute makeover models.


i picked a chili red lipstick to try on!


Dare Devil Red.


Shopping time! Guess what i bought~ 😀


Well i guess you don’t actually have time to guess because the answer is here in this picture above – metallic blue & grunge nail polish is the way to go, baybeh!


Last but not least, here is one last picture of Topshop i took to keep me drown in love with bags, and clutches, and purses, scarves, hosiery, and even teddies!!!

Ok, oK, i shall Talkstop right now. Share with me if you buy anything from the rack! i would love to be the 1st to know. 😉

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  1. I do love TOPMAN! More like obsessed I must say! heee

  2. Omg ive the same dress that u wore. I jus bought frm the website, waiting for it to be delivered to me. Can’t wait! 😀

    1. REALLY?! hahahaha awesome. Y u buy Topshop from website wan?

  3. <3 the topshop packaging.. might get their eyeshadow haha

    1. havent tried the eye shadows… tell me if they’re nice k! 😉

  4. U look so hot with the red lip 🙂

    1. why thanks Carrie! (but i didn’t but it lol~)

  5. hey im just wondering what skincare line are you using and
    do you go to the salon to colour ur hair or you self dye it ? =D

    1. i don’t stick to a line, so i think i will do a post on what i use if u’re interested 🙂 & i do go to a saloon to dye my hair. hehe!!

  6. Hi cindy,where is this heavyduty topshop located?MAS?

    1. the one i went was KLCC. but i believe all Topshops should have ’em. Heavy Duty is only available till March tho 😉

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