A Piece of Blue Sky


i’ve always had an unexplainable obsession with blue skies ever since i was a child, marveling endlessly every time i look out a window living my head in the clouds; building cloud castles with puffy cotton-like balls and waving happily to friendly floating animals from Cloud Zoo (“Is that a baby elephant?”), and that secretly goes on till . . . today. i just control it better.

When i saw this baby blue shirt hanging on the racks i couldn’t resist myself frantically searching for Size S. What could possibly make a dream come true better for the girl with an imaginative fairy tale mind like me, if not this piece of tangible blue sky? Of course, i matched it with non other than a white skirt, enhanced with a few pops of pink (as i’m a big girl now and can’t always play only on the safe side). If you have an eye for details, you’d also spot the shy ‘evil eyes’ accessories i got from Turkey. They are absolutely adorable and not to mention, priceless.







Shirt: ZARA
Cross Ring: DIVA
Skirt: PULL & BEAR
(Evil Eyes) Earrings & Bracelet: Turkey
Ballets: Australia
Anklet: Thailand
Clutch: ALDO
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