Benz Style


This year in the world of fashion is when i begin to notice the emerging trend of sporty pieces paired with just about anything, while still keeping it appropriate and chic – of course. We’re talking about sport inspired top with heels for example, not running attire with a designer bag. When i heard from Big Guy that we will be visiting the Mercedes Benz museum, i was ready and all geared up in my new 92 Mini & Friends coordinate for the rather special occasion. Can’t quite explain to you the logic behind my choice but you see, a floral dress just won’t quite cut it, don’t you think? For a touch of glam, i wore my favorite diamond drops earrings and a funky matching ring. 8)


Pullover: SUPRE
Bag & Socks: H&M
Sunglasses: CHARLES & KEITH
Top, Skirt, Accessories: TOPSHOP
Boots: CROCS



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