Alexa the Leopardess

Today i’m gonna pick a very versatile item from this batch of clothes. Wanna guess which one is it gonna be? 🙂


Answer is, the cardigan! i love cardigans. In fact, i often end up feelin’ remorseful, or regret each time i forget to carry a cardigan, or scarf with me to a mall – especially the cinema!

It’s always freezzzingggg in there you can’t even concentrate on the movie – don’t you agree?

Therefore, here i put together a look that is perfect for a movie date :


beige knitSportsgirl au

long leopard cardiganThe Pop Look

grey leggingsTopshop

black fringe shoesTopshop

black sling clutchROXY

black scarf Zara

grey hues scarf | MNG


Look inspired by Alexa Chung,


without the boyfriend.

You should get a leopard print cardigan (and a boyfriend) too! lol

It’s in, easy to mix N match with other pieces, and immediately spice up any outfit you’re wearing anytime. Anything and anytime, baybeh~! So what are you waitin’ for? 8)

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