Baphuon Temple


This merely qualifies as a ‘fashion’ post (open inverted commas absolutely necessary) but I’d classified as such, since you won’t see me often dressed like that. A blog reader Cinner recently asked me if I was for real – Can you be dressed in shorts and sans sleeves when visiting the holy temples? That is a very good question indeed!

There are certain areas in the Angkors that require you to ‘cover up’. However, since I don’t quite fancy the idea of lounging around in fisherman pants the entire day, I carried along a tote bag where I can easily fit in my rolled up clothes; which can be effortlessly worn above my existing outfit (it might look ‘coincidental’ but trust me, these things require planning). So keep this tip in mind if you plan to visit Angkor Wat.

We snapped so many pictures to the extend where I am close to the brim of feeling abashed. But sometimes, you gotta do what you wanna do; especially at a(n awesome) place that you would most probably visit only once this lifetime. So shut the world around you and live in the one you are in, wherever you are! 😉


Fisherman pants from Thailand


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