The Half-Naked Post

The naked chef is like what Ringo would say as “Cheat One“. i never seen him naked; not even half naked.

To come think about it, maybe i don’t want to ever see him naked. No offense, i love Oliver James & his cute accent, but i highly doubt he has 6 packs after all that cooking. O_o

However, this post i prepared is not “Cheat One”. There will be many half-naked pics (of me & Eri) below. Nothing dirty or slutty, in fact, i would say they are pretty cute lol~ Here’s a gist of it :


My first flower bath! ^o^

i’m gonna pick up from where i left previously – Arma Resort.


My eyes were greeted by such beautiful visuals early in the morning… the greens, are something so refreshing.


Our pool from afar.

Don’t get me wrong; only the visuals are nice, NOT the hotel. Arma suck balls. DON’T EVER stay there, promise me or you’ll repent.

The architecture is very old fashion. i have no idea if they purposely keep it that way, or what. Perhaps that’s the only thing i can give ’em credit for – the fact that they manage to camouflage the place in many ways i can’t tell.


This is Ruby locking our Parameswara room door with an ugly bigass lock; just to see it unlocked (by the room keepers) when we came back from breakfast!

Ok oK, i shall stop complaining. BREAKFAST TIME!!!


Cinnamon stick to stir our tea, is something i appreciate.


Another zero makeup picture of my naked face. Nah see? This can be considered as ‘naked’ too, depending on how you look at it :p


This, mine.


Stupid morning faces ha ha ha~! That’s silly Ruby and her breakfast choice, was kinda pathetic…..


She called this two thingies cincin. Not ring, you know! You ask a Japanese lah; what it means. ROFL


Walking back to our hotel with congested intestines = everyone needed to take a biggg dump.


One last glimpse of our hotel(?) with no regrets leaving it forever. i cannot believe it. The website damn kao conned us.


Checking out.


Close-up of the pool.


Hat Hat Hat!!! Today we spend the day (mostly) outdoors so having a hat is perfect! 😀


i don’t see the reason, or connection of these rainbow colour crap pieces designed by some Australian mate, with the unkept bushes.

Skali tengah bingung memikirkan koneksi aneh ini, kena gigit ular berbisa tak perasan pulak! HA.


So happy to finally get out of Arma.


Then there was another problem to solve where the two iPhones couldn’t function online. WTF man, seriously… We wasted almost an hour at the pulsa (top up) shop, not Topshop okayyy  T__________T


Eri kept saying “… +’ve !!!


With Ruby the lil’ darlin’ actress. i’m serious; she is an actress. You can visit her blog to check out her behind-the-scenes for Malay dramas.


Time to attack UBUD MARKET!!!


imma Gypsy! Are you coming with me?


Eri getting her hair done in a bun the Balinese way~


Butterfly Blouse Bali version,


Butterfly Blouse Miss Selfridge version.

i wonder which comes first, ey?


weaving for the gods.


i wonder how many he sells a day…



Enough of market shopping and suntanning, it’s now time for SPA~!


Eri lovin’ it!


Recommended by our hump sup driver.


Wonder what’s in store?


We did the Strawberry Milk Bath package. 😀


i picked Rose, she picked Lavender.


A key for our locker; delicately tied on to a black bead bracelet ^^


Loan exchange.


Disposable panty wtf


in our Bali kimonos .


Time for foot SPA!


Syiok max~!


Quarter naked




Eri’s ideal shot which i love


Sweet ginger tea for two


Read this pretty lady’s version of Bali here.


Last half naked picture. Now i think the title should be “quarter naked” instead. Sorry i conned you all like Arma Resort. i learned from “the best” mar


My awesome masseur.

That ended our spa session, but it wasn’t enough for us. So the very same night…..


Session TWO.


ahmagad… aren’t we greedy girls..


But this one is different from the spa we had earlier. Ayu Saloon is all about traditional massage. Can you guess what this lady in yellow used to scrub my feet?


Lemon, & salt!! i’m gonna try this at home one day.


Pressing pressure points.


And finished with a glossy red pedicure. 😀

So that’s how we spent our 3rd day at Bali. Very princessy, as a guy would say. But that’s how we wanted it, exactly!

That’s all for now, have a lovely Sunday my Cin City readers. xoxo!!

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  1. oh… nice holiday. doing stuff in the Wrong places, though. good that u admit xD

    1. it is not wrong, is it?

  2. Kena con.Now you see it,now you don’t.
    A sure way to de-stress – the spa.

    1. con kao max so stress

  3. I could soooo do with a massage now.And I know what cincin – CINCINPEROPERO!!!! LOLOLOLOL

    1. pero pero i dono what is it )=

  4. aiyoyo i ‘m not use to it to see your picture when u having fever..

    1. WHY?! lol u can see ah?

      1. of cos i can see the difference!
        when u fever its like totally different to the others picture that u posted up or uploaded before.
        this post shows tat u are having a serious fever,,,
        so getting well from your fever d?

      2. i recover liao yay! hahaha

      3. NIce to hear that haha , gratz to your recovery >.^
        but try to take more care of your body la , jus get recover need to maintain also de haha

  5. When I was in Bali, I did the same as well. I went for massage and spa and felt weird after that.

    Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve visited your blog. 😉

    1. haha, hi again. i din feel weird wor, i felt like a Queen! XD

  6. Oliver James used to be this sorta slim dude, now he’s got all 6 packs rolled into one lol

    1. like A breast. LOL!

  7. Why do you guys call him Oliver James? He’s called Jamie Oliver in UK? That’s very cute.. he is
    bit fat though, even his tongue is fat, check it out!

    1. LOL! his tongue? how didya know? u kissed him? HAHA!

      1. Yes Jamie and I used to date! I’m not even gay, but once you’ve tasted his Perigourdian Pork
        you’ll do anything!

        No, it used to be a bit of a joke here in UK about his fat tongue, and a friend of mine
        met him and confirmed it to be true!

        Strange but true! he he!

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