Tokyo at Night


Started another bright new day with a hearty bento set at Kyoto Station that hustled humbly with every bite of matcha KitKat. Tokyo was the only thing on my mind that morning. All that’s left was to embark on the swift change from this beautiful cultural town to the strong pulsing city that’s waits for no one.

Lunch cost: 1665 ¥

Cost | Bullet train from Kyoto – Tokyo: 27, 820 ¥ (RM450)


I lodged in a hotel called Shin Okubo Sekitei at Shinjuku-ku. To be honest, I have never met such kind and helpful receptionists in my life. I highly doubt I would ever meet another. They went to the extent of helping us make restaurant researches, reservations, and even drew us maps when we were out being busy tourists!

4D 3N hotel stay: 31, 700 ¥


It was getting dark once we settled our checked-in, so visiting Odaiba seemed like the most perfect idea at the time. With the help of our friendly receptionists, we managed to get there using Tokyo’s famous helluva train line ‘maze’.

Cost: 200 ¥ train + 640 ¥ monorail (from Shinjuku-ku)


{A rainy stroll along Seaside Park, looking for giant Gundam}


{Rainbow Bridge}


{Wandering around a wet Daiba Park}


{Finally: Gundam, in front of Diver City Tokyo Plaza}


In my opinion, Odaiba is like the Cyberjaya of Malaysia so if you ask me, I’d say you may skip it entirely if you happen to have lesser days in Tokyo. We came all the way to see this inanimate machine and to be honest I felt that it wasn’t quite worth the trip.

Daiba food court dinner: 2280 ¥


From Odaiba, we took the train(s) again, this time to Tokyo Tower. The last entrance is at 9.30 p.m., so make sure to reach there at 9, the latest.

Cost: 320 ¥ monorail + 360 ¥ subway


Fun tip: Remember to look for the ‘other’ Tokyo Tower from above! Get it?


 {It’s hard not to fall in love with Tokyo’s mesmerizing night view}


{A golf ball was found at the top of the tower during its construction and up till today, it remains a mystery how it got there at the first place}


{Swarovski Tokyo Tower}

Cost: 900 ¥ entrance fee


{This moment . . . It’s all that matters}


Ride home: 220 ¥ subway + train


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