The Flying Tofu

My 3rd day @ China was literally the most unforgettable. It was not because i finally visited the Great Wall, but something very gross happened.

i swear if it happened to you, you would be totally grossed-out too. However, i shall start my entry as usual and reveal “it” to you later.


My brother and i didn’t eat much for breakfast. Reason? We were served with the exact same buffet as yesterday’s (and that went on for A WEEK). So i opted for hot soy instead. 🙂


i sure as hell look happy here, but trust me it was only for the camera.

The tour bus took us to this boring factory i can’t even remember what even if you were to threat me with a knife at my throat.


So my family (and most families actually) waited outside for some families to do their factory shopping. i don’t know if i should say, FOL or FTL for those who actually shopped there.  -_-”


Played Guitar Hero on my iPhone to kill time. Speaking of my iPhone, SCREW YOU, THIEF!!! May you have eternal infertility wtf.


i have to say, that the 3rd day at China was really, reeaaallllyyyyy boooringgggg


i was delighted when lunch time arrived – too delighted i got disappointed too.


We were served this Mongolian steamboat at this halal restaurant (i don’t think it’s even a restaurant), and were supposed to sua yang rou.

i took a tofu, cooked it, just to see everyone’s jaw dropped. Including mine of course.


A dead FLY in my tofu in my spoon in my hand. i almost ATE the goddamn TOFU, alright? Jesus!


THIS IS JUST PURE GROSSNESS!!!!! Some of us totally stopped eating while i immediately left the table.

For God’s Sake, China! Speechless.


i went out of the dining area with mum and saw this. For those of you who can read mandarin, you know what this is? i almost puke my guts out for the second time in less than 5 minutes.

If i’m not mistaken (i really didn’t want to remember at all) these jars are baby deers made into paste or something like that – you get the idea. Do correct me if i’m wrong. Whatever it is, poor baby animals!


The next stop was another goddamn boring factory selling cream (Bao Fu Ling). The only thing i found interesting was this palm chart, as i’m very curious about reflexology and stuff like that.

Then it was Great Wall of China; which i already blogged solely about because including the Wonder here probably won’t do Her any justice.

The next beautiful thing was my ride in the bus into the sunset.






It’s a wonderful feeling – traveling on a long straight highway with the sun and moon on each sides of the road. Just imagine that.



Da Tong.


Reached our next hotel and had a late supersalty, superoily dinner before we passed out :


Sometimes i tend to forget how life is full of surprises.

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  1. the fly is pure protein! 😛

    1. errrr…. lol! not sure if it’s good protein~

  2. i like the idea of the tofu.. can fly one.. ohmmp! i’m missing my dad’s tauhu bakar T_T

  3. The fly in IN the tofu? Mean it already there when the process of making it?

    1. YA LA! Gross rite? swt”

  4. Oh hi, but the sos thing was LU which means camel rite? if i’m not mistaken too XD My chinese sucks~ LOL! well hey i love your outfit! You’re always looking gorgeous!

  5. The nice looking jars? They are Donkey Meat Paste.

  6. Hey Cin, the one in those jars are DONKEY!!! DONKEY MEAT PASTE basically! EWWWWW.

    1. oh well i didnt read it properly, someone above me alrd told u exactly the same. DONKEY MEAT PASTE. SAUCE *so sick wtf

      1. sick max wtf.. how to eat it wei. gross!

  7. yeah the chinese words say donkey meat, not camel not deer. omg they eay donkey meat? O.O

    1. that’s y! scary wei FTL!

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