Half of my Heart

i’m back with more posts of Bali! i don’t know what you prefer to read, but i enjoy writing about travel posts more than anything you could spell under the name of God.


speaking of God, my girl Eri and i bought a piece of heavenly Greek goddess dress each from a quaint rainbow shop @ Bali. a less sexc name for it would be The Paddle Pop dress -_-


my lovely, pretty Bali babes ♥

Sukawati Market


the girls wanted to buy some Balinese paintings, so this was the market we went to. i didn’t enjoy it at all because my flu was getting superbad, and under the hot burnin’ sun? you cannot imagine how suffering it was for me (and my ENT).


i wasn’t really interested in the paintings. they are all clones; displayed at different shops! so i chose to take pictures of kids and dogs instead.


pretty Ruby and adorable puppy ^^


with the girls who paint my monochrome world with dashes of beautiful colours (even when i’m hyper sick).


Paddle Pop, WOW! Paddle Pop, YAY! Hebat rasa YUMMY~ Ting Tong! WTF?

apparently, i wasn’t the only one who thought the paintings at Sukawati are atrocious. the girls ended up empty handed so our beemo driver took us to more sophisticated painting shops like this :


Eri like a dreamy princess of Rome


Ruby, channeling her inner love for traditional musical instruments~


spot the SUPER LONG PENIS – can leash a bull dead dot com.

the ‘sophisticated’ paintings here are either too ridiculously hilarious or expensive, so we left with empty hands again.


had lunch at this place called Naughty Nuri’s Kenny Sia recommended. will blog about this place (together with Babi Guling and Bebek Bertutu) in a separate entry under Cindulgence pretty soon.

from Ubud, the beemo fetched us to Seminyak. i loovvveeeee Seminyak….. i can’t express how much i love it compared to Kuta and Ubud.


our 3rd and last resort, Astana Kunti.


cutest picture spoilers i ever met behind my back q:


the view opposite our hotel


sunset and paddy fields~


simply a shot of Ku De Ta. i’m saving the breathtaking shots of this place for the next post, so STAY TUNED! 😉


half of my heart (got a right mind to tell you that half of my heart won’t do)


wish ‘you’ were here

enough of Ku De Ta for this entry; consider the above as a teaser q:


went back to our hotel for a swim; making full use of the facilities we paid for *kiasu mode*


i was super fake kiasu too – i changed into my beekeenee eventhou i didn’t wanna swim because i had a cold.


called hotel room service for crepe and ice creams! *yummsss*


half of my heart’s (got you)


a shot of Ruby in the mesmerizing blue~


Me & Eri with our freshly pedicured nails


back @ our room, we discovered a pair of speakers that could connect to a USB port; so i tried my iPod to pump some great hits but it didn’t bloody work, and still didn’t work even after a helpful bunch of ‘technicians’ came to ‘fix’ the problem T__________T”

giving up, we attempted to read but ended up talking and laughing, enjoyed some girly time under the blankets, called our boyfriend / fake boyfriends because we had credits left on our smart phones, and snoozed like logs that night.


sigh~ i miss Bali. tell me, why am i here. i have a picture of Ku De Ta in my head right now. it looks the same with the Ku De Ta i went; except this time, my nose isn’t running.

as i’m typing this, i noticed i always miss things. could it be a happy or sad thing, i guess i will never know.

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  1. owh, if i am lucky I might be able to go with half of my love too!!

    1. tell me about it T_____T

      1. not sure though for now. waiting for the rest of the bloggers to confirm. might ask my half love to tag along

  2. lovely sunset….

  3. I like the last pic. You’re like admiring that dude from the distance. >P

    1. WTF? hahahaha… got narration pulak!

      1. Handsome is he? hhaha. But it is indeed a beautiful sunset .And you make the whole picture look better in there 😉 *thumbs*

  4. So what happen to the other half heart?

  5. haha the technician jus wanna go in your room to see u gals hahahaaha!!!

    the swimming pool was long also !

    1. no la! haha.. they just quite sohai =.=

      1. haha sohai baru got job to do hahaha, if too good they nothing to do already

  6. Is it me or does the Sun looks amazingly humongous at the last pic?

    1. i have no idea LOL! i think it looked biggg, no?

  7. Did you go to try “Dirty Duck” at Ubud?

    1. YEAP! that’s coming up in another post XD

  8. Half of my heart’s got the right mind to tell you that, half of my heart won’t do!


    1. i love that song too! ^^

  9. last pic’s super nais!

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