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We all know how to smile and the differences that it makes to our face, but do you know what it is like to smile from your skin? 🙂 i thought one could only smile through the lips, until i was introduced to:


{Mary Kay botanical effects}

Mary Kay botanical effects is made from natural ingredients, including Frangipani; which soothes and calms skin, and water lily; which has antioxidant power to help protect against everyday environmental stressors. Besides leaving skin nourished, balanced, and restored, these products are also gentle on the planet! Their thoughtful packaging is made from post consumer products, and cartons are forest stewardship certified. 😀


The best thing i love about Mary Kay’s botanical effects is that it has some sort of like a magic touch that makes my skin feel ‘happy’ after very usage… like it’s smiling! Trust me – that feeling, is incredible. Personally, my 2 favorite products from this range are the cleanser and hydrating moisturizer (you’ll find out why later). For now, allow me to show you the sweet simplicity of an effective skin care regime:


{the 3-in-1 Cleanse}


Step 1: Start with the 3-in-1 gentle milky cleanser which cleanses, exfoliates and freshens in just ONE simple step. Makeup and impurities are lift away, leaving skin super soft and smooth…


(: Skin Factor: Skin feels happy with a refreshed, healthy-looking glow every day!




Step 2: Don’t forget to use a mask two or three times a week. This clay-based mask infused with special botanical extracts provides gentle deep cleansing that revitalizes as it restores balance. It is designed to absorb oil where needed and hydrate dry areas, while cleansing pores and leaving skin looking renewed…


(: Skin Factor: Maintains skin blissful balance!




Step 3 (without / after Step 2): Remove excess residue from your skin by indulging in the soothing and refreshing benefits of this freshener using a cotton pad…


(: Skin Factor: Skin remains in perfect harmony~




Step 4: Apply Mary Kay’s botanical effects nourishing moisturizer; a special all-natural cocktail that absorbs quickly leaving skin feeling balanced and nourished…


(: Skin Factor: No more striving for harmony! Skin looks and becomes healthy naturally.


Disclaimer: ALL pictures above are taken without any primer / foundation / BB cream / pressed powder / blusher applied on skin (sans eye area), but ONLY Mary Kay’s botanical effect products, step-by-step.

Visit Mary Kay’s website, Like their Facebook page here, and watch this happy YouTube video to start getting your skin (:-ing too.

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