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i’ve been using the conventional toothbrush instead of my electric one for 3 weeks now, and the difference is unmistakably obvious. Cleaner teeth (achieved by a thorough and deeper clean), healthier gums (because sometimes they bleed when i accidentally place the tip of my electric toothbrush at one spot for too long to clean a specific area), and fresher breath that lasts longer throughout my busy schedule. i honestly can’t deny that Colgate SlimSoft is the way to go. Try it and you’ll be amazed by its simple, instrumental design:


The best key feature of this toothbrush is its 0.01 mm Super Slim Tip bristles (just imagine how fine that is). The benefits: More bristles that touches more teeth surface; achieving 6 times higher acess to reach below the gum line and remove more plaque!


{comes in 2 head sizes: compact head and ultra compact head. available in 4 vibrant happy colors to brighten up your bathroom}


{we brush our teeth everyday but are we doing it the right way? click here to watch this tutorial by experts on how to achieve a deeper gentle clean when brushing}


{thank you Colgate, for the handsome trade kit toothbrush set! loving the liberating brushing experience so far}

To those who are reading this, you are not missing out anything. Colgate is having a Finale Party and i am inviting 10 of you to join me. Will be sending out invites by 28th June! Details of the party below:

Date : 30 June 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm – 5.30 p.m. (tea to be served)
Venue: Bistro 42 (Bangsar Village II)


Remember to mark your calenders! i promise i’ll be there to greet you with a wide smile showcasing my super bright and white teeth. Looking forward to see your smiles there too. 😀

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