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Let’s see if we have something in common. We can all agree that lately, the sky above us has been raining, Raining, and RAINING…


Sky : i wanna make you wet. MORE RAIN!!! wtf

Photo 234


Of course i can still go out when it rains, but i’d rather not to. It’s messy, ruins my makeup (esp my freakin’ lashes), spoils my hair (making it flat)… so basically, rain = beauty / fashion HAVOC.

However, one rainy day, i found something pretty interesting in bed. It is a customizable online shopping mall. Read carefully; it’s a shopping mall, not a blog shop mall. The name is, Jipaban.


Jipaban is a customizable online shopping mall with social networking integration. They have huge varieties of shops; so shoppers, you can actually choose which shop you like to see in your mall! Just drag and drop.

For example (this is mine), my new mall has 3 Floors.


1. Primer (1st Floor) – Here i chose 4 shops selling clothes that i like. 🙂


2. Segundo (2nd Floor) – this is where i get my shoes, bags, hats, and accessories.


3. Tercer (3rd Floor) – this is my fun artsy fartsy crafty floor! They have cupcake bandages too~

Jipaban is exactly like a shopping mall (online). They have everything; not just clothes. But of course, a shopacronic like me would be digging stuff like this :


Multilayered Pearl Necklace from Modestarr! ♥.♥

Such a dramatic yet romantic look. Totally suits me. Haha!! See how it immediately transforms a plain blue dress into a party piece? 8)

Now i don’t care if it rains cats & cocks cuz i can still shop in the comfort of my own bed without worrying about traffic or makeup havoc!!


Then there’s also Monfae, where you can get feminine and beautiful watches. i totally dig the middle one. Somehow reminds me of Chanel~

Another awesome thing about Jipaban is the Egg-On list.

Egg On

You know how when you see something you like but for some reasons you don’t know if you should buy it & you’re afraid if you DON’T get it, it might be gone the next time you revisit the shop?

That happened to me with this Marjoram Dress. So what i do, is add it in the Egg-On List :

Egg on pg

Let’s face it – our BFFs are not always free or there to give us opinions on our 958896462475TH dress. People have their own lives okay~

So when you have your items in this list, you can get your many friends to vote if you should, or should not get the dress (or anything in that matter). Cuz opinions count and we know majority is usually right!

Payment method

Jipaban makes online shopping easier for us with internet banking and PayPal too!

Photo 251

Whether it is raining (or not) outside that window, Jipaban is definitely my must-go-site to visit when i wanna do some online shopping. Do we have another similarity here? 😉

p/s: Follow Jipaban on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

p p/s: if you wanna open your own shop at Jipaban, now is the best time for Malaysian retailers to join as you get 75% off for 6 months rent!

Have fun, everyone! 8)

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