5 Things

Here are 5 sunny things that made my week.

1. This spine-tingling view from Phranang coast


{because to see such heart-stopping scene on a weekday for me is almost as rare as winning a lottery}

2. This ‘toy camera’ shot (and all pictures in this post) taken using my ZR20 by Casio Exilim


{because it takes beautiful artistic pictures easily with absolutely zero editing required}

3. This vintage interior design of a grand Thai restaurant @ Wangsai


{because somehow it reminded me of my grandmother’s kitchen where she used to feed me when i was 5}

4. This sticky rice & mango delicacy


{because no trip to Thailand is complete without it; just as no meal is complete without a dessert}

5. This secret Mc D bag


{because inside hides a Samurai pork burger; that beats all the other Mc Burgers!}

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