i’ve (always) been a crazy fan of wearing color lenses and because i once loved them (so) much, i wore them as if they were my own corneas (note: 17 hours a day)! The outcome was abominable; every time i try to wear even just normal lenses, my eyes turned red in a matter of minutes. The optometrists claimed that i have to wear glasses all my life, unless i opt for laser; which i did right away without thinking twice. It has been 5 years now and luckily my eye sight is still better than perfect. 😉

2 weeks ago i received these beautiful lenses from Geo 4 Msia and just like an itch you have to scratch, it was impossible not to try them on. They were incredibly soft, easy to wear, comfortable (my eyes did not feel dry at all), and the best part is, they have different diameters for you to choose from so you get the right pair that fits your pupils. Say goodbye to seeing color rims! In this dainty post i wore 2 designs and i had so much fun taking these shots during the weekend (i promise you my eyes did not turn red). For those of you who are wondering, the life time of Geo lenses is 1 year.





serenading brown eyes with 2 tones color lenses in CM724.






rockin’ grey cat eyes with 3 tone color lenses in YH305.

Geo4Msia lenses is only RM29 including FREE PosLaju. They are all instock so you don’t need to wait too long for them (i received mine within 3 working days after ordering, which is super fast)! Try them here to get beautiful mesmerizing eyes~

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  1. Hello Cindy, I do have a question regarding lasik and also lenses. From what I’ve heard, if I were to get lasik done, from then on, I shouldn’t wear colour lenses any longer. Is there such a thing? I was contemplating on getting lasik done but since I love colour lenses more than anything, it makes me think twice whether or not, I should let them go after lasik.

    1. hi Angel, i still wear them regardless. no one (lasik or non-lasik) should wear color lenses for more than say… 8 hours? so it shouldn’t matter, in my opinion. 🙂

  2. I think you look GORGEOUSin the second pair of lenses! I LOVE coloured lenses too! But mine got power wan larrrr. You went for Lasik surgery? How much did it cost, and where did you go? I’ve considered it, but am sooooo worried about something going wrong and my eyes being gone for good T.T

    1. i went to the one opposite Gardens, it’s called LASIK if not mistaken. it’s been a while now.. don’t need to worry!

  3. i like ur lace blouse very much.. cn u plz tell me whr to get it?

  4. Hi Cindy, you looks stunning in the colored lens and lace blouse. Can I know where you get the blouse from?

    1. hi Yann, it is from Warehouse. 😉

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