[AD] The AWESOME Post!

This, is a true story.

i have an ex boyfriend who always says he’s “AWESOME“. Truth is, i can’t find anything awesome about him. But if you mention the word “AWESOME” now, it straight away reminds me of him. What an impact!

So yesterday, i came across a contest that’s called the “Are You Awesome Contest“.


The grand prize, is a 8D 7N Italy getaway to 11 cities and 3 hours free Ferrari ride in Tuscany(!!!). As for weekly prizes, there are RM500 to be given away for the photo with the highest votes, and RM100 to 2 voters who submitted the highest number of votes!

To take part, i have to at least feel awesome, but i don’t feel awesome at all. 🙁


o_O Am i AWESOME???!


*GASPS* I’m NOT awesome!!!


Nah, drink some Awesome Juice! It is refreshing, and every gulp is a burst of vitamins!





Point is? You don’t have to have a reason to feel, or be awesome. All you gotta do, is to tell yourself that you’re awesome, and YOU’RE AWESOME! That’s probably 1 of the best things my ex boyfriend taught me.


To take part in this awesome contest, just snap a picture of yourself with any Sunkist pack, then register and send it to this colourful site.

You can also MMS it to 016-3399950, type <Sunkist, Name, IC Number, Age>.


REMEMBER : The word “Awesome” MUST be on the pack. And get people to vote for you if you wanna win~ You can vote for me here, thank Q!!!

Here’s a video of why i am SUPER DUPER awesome; watch to find out! :

i’m now, Miss Awesome. You need to start calling me that. 8)

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  1. I wonder who was the “awesome” ex.. Ehehehe. ;p

    1. haha! that’s y! duno who wtf!

  2. Hey, mind sharing how you do your hair? 😀

    1. hey there, to answer your question, i actually made 2 videos on it b4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZLQ3yO0_o8 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k82CqePixEw. enjoy!

  3. never knew that you’re this crazy! ZOMG btw, i do agree with u, u’re just awesome.

    1. u have to tell yourself that too! like really say it out LOUD!!!

  4. hey cindy was wondering where you got your necklace from? Been looking for something like that to go with my black dress. Thanks x

    1. hi yl, i got it from DIVA. don’t know if it’s still available tho.. u can also try Heart Attack.

  5. the video is pointless.

  6. I’d personally move to Hawaii then travel the entire world.

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