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One of my 2012 new year resolutions is to smile more simply because i realized that when i do make the effort to smile (towards “selective” strangers), many people actually came up to me and say “Are you Tey Cindy the famous blogger? i read your blog!“. Now imagine me beaming around town with a piece of leftover spinach from lunch stuck between my teeth, followed by an unforgettable stinky breath of feta cheese. 😯 i’d rather not exist! Hence, i’ve made the first most crucial step in ensuring yours truly could give the best smile (think stainless white teeth ala Chris Pine) by visiting my family dentist for a monthly dental checkup:



This is the dentist that i frequent since 2005. i know the sign might sound a bit scary, but trust me Dr. Lew is the BEST plus he truly knows what he’s doing. With his jokes floating around, i never fail to leave the place feeling like i just had the most pleasant dental experience ever. To my surprise, this time my checkup took only 5 minutes! Dr. Lew said “you did a very good job in brushing your teeth“, and boy was i happy. He reminded me to brush the inside of my teeth longer or they might start to have stains.



{Dr. Lew performing an overall dental checkup on me}



{attentively explaining the possible stain areas to watch out for when brushing}


{me after dentist visit}

Here are a few tips i practice daily in maintaining a good oral hygiene:

  • Always floss after food (i carry a mini floss every where i go – even to the club!)
  • Use an alcohol-free mouth wash (also carried around and used after every. single. meal.)
  • It is not about how hard you brush your teeth but how long (spend less time on Facebook and more time with your teeth :razz:)
  • Change your toothbrush frequently (i’m currently using Colgate’s SlimSoft Toothbrush)


{SlimSoft Toothbrush gift set from Colgate ♡}


{this special toothbrush is designed with a 0.01mm slim tip bristles for a deep and gentle clean between your teeth and along the gum line}


{Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste for people with sensitive teeth / gum – you can even apply this directly to sensitive tooth with your finger tips for an instant relief!}


7.40 a.m: Now it’s time to brush my teeth, people! Have you checked your toothbrush bristles? 😉


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