[AD] Dead Sure or Sure Dead ?

Things happen when you least expect them.

If you go to a party looking for someone to love, you never find it.

Just when you get tired of searching, someone new appears.


Let’s use girl C for instance. After her boyfriend cheated on her, she went on a mission to search for The One, but failed miserably.

One night when she wasn’t looking (at all), she met boy A, for instance.

love heart

Oh wow. Love sparks!

So C, you have a date with fate. Now it’s up to you to twist it your way, how will you do it?

Of course, you start by dating – going out on dates. Duh!

i believe the first stage is To Impress. Your journey starts at Number 1.


1. You put on your best dress, spray your favourite eau de toilette, and start your engine to meet him at a fancy restaurant around Changkat.


2. You play some sexc music to get into the mood when the cars in front of you are too slow..


3. The traffic is so bad but you’re almost reaching!!! So you touch up your makeup.


4. Stupid traffic light turned red. What about a quick tweet to tell the World about how excited you are? No harm doing that…

C is super late. So her phone rings. It’s from A. She fumbles to pick it up but her phone falls to a hard-to-reach corner in the car.

FML!” she said, and starts to look for it (while controlling the steer ring).

At a crossroad a blue car coming from the left was speeding. The driver is a soon-to-be-father, rushing his wife to the hospital.



Sometimes, the break alone is just not quite enough. The roads need attention more than anyone of us here.

3 lives, gone. And C, got into a coma.


She never gets to meet A again. )=

Things happen when you least expect them.

It could be something good or something real bad.

If you already found someone to love, don’t turn it into something bad.

You have a date with fate, so twist it the right way.


Ingatlah orang yang tersayang. Think of the people you love, who love you, and think, for others.

Don’t kill your journey at Number 1. Even if you want to kill it, don’t end it on the road!!!

For single girls out there, don’t :


Cam whore while driving.

And guys,


Don’t need to tweet about the traffic.

i’m writing this post to scare myself. i hope it scares you too!

If you haven’t heard of the ‘MUFORS Road Reels‘ contest, click this link.

This contest is a short film competition open to students of all universities, colleges and institutions of higher learning in Malaysia with the theme Attitudes on Roads – A Malaysian Journey”.

The winner of each category stands to win RM10,000 in cash while the university or college he/she is studying in will get RM3,000!

Short Film Champion

First Runner-up

Second Runner-up


RM 8,000

RM 5,000




Public Service Announcement (PSA) / Mini-documentary Champion

First Runner-up

Second Runner-up


RM 8,000

RM 5,000




Animation short Champion                            First Runner-up

Second Runner-up


RM 8,000

RM 5,000




Closing date is 30th October 2010.

Safety is as simple as ABCAlways Be Careful.


Think of the people you love, think for the people who love you. 🙂

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  1. Wow! Very nicely written. 🙂
    Yeah being careful on the roads, something I always remind myself to do. T_T

    1. YA MEH HUAI BIN! ahahahaha

      1. Haha! Trying, trying. That’s the key word. 🙂

  2. first pic is like.. porn without being porn :X

    1. LOL! it’s only a romantic picture, no?! O_o

  3. william lockerby on

    i am going on quite a long drive starting tomorrow about 2500 km .you got me thinking how are careful i should be as i am going with my daughter Jenn . going to London Ontario , Montreal Quebec for a car race and the to Ottawa Ontario then back home to the Falls = 24 hrs of driving. enjoy your website very much

  4. Nicely written. One of the best post I have ever read
    in blog. Great post with good pictures. A good way to
    educate road safety with love story. Good job Cindy.

  5. Please don’t text and drive even if you’re stopped in traffic…different if you’re the passenger.

  6. Lol….what the… I thought the post is about you found someone new adi. Hahaha

    which btw, did u really find someone new? Don’t let that lucky guy slip by 😉

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