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a|x is away for a week to Myanmar with his parents. this nomad always log on to his MSN 23/6 for me when he is traveling so we can still keep in touch, but apparently there is no internet roaming at Myanmar!

since i’m kinda missing his company, i’m doing a post on my Spain tank to start the week. the main topic is :

how to wear a simple tank top in a stylish (or a|x would say, “possy“) way.


this casual assemble with a dash of glamour makes me look young (er by 5 years), cheerful, yet sophisticated. it is also very suitable for college – fun, colourful, and playful! 😀

there are 10 things you need.


1. a white / plain bright colour tank top. i’m wearing my Spain tank from The Pop Look.


2. a pair of low-cut blue jeans. mine’s the super low one from my favourite denim brand, Levi’s.


3. a brown belt. got this one from Topshop.


4. a neat leather tote. make sure there is some brown to it (the same kinda brown as your belt).


5. a pair of cute funky sunnies! 8)


6. a pair of feather earrings (no necklace instead).


7. a gold ring (and a wide smile!)


8. plain gold bracelet.


9. a gold watch. i’m wearing CK Mirror. ♥!


10. last but not least, a pair of brown leather ballet flats.


as for makeup, go for gold & brown hues.


and Hola! your look is complete 🙂


here’s a picture of me with pretty Celia who’s going back to Spain tomorrow i think~

no idea what to wear tomorrow? why grab a tank top and start styling!

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  1. Hi Cindy!
    where did you get your gold ring from? which shop?

    1. it’s vintage – from my grandma -> my mum -> me.. xD

  2. ima big spanish fan too! do you speak spanish? 🙂

    1. i wish i do )= i only know things like dame un beso LOL!

  3. The CK mirror watch looks so minimalist!

    1. i love it max! waited for like 10 years, believe it or not

  4. hello cindy where did you get that sunnies?? pretty hehe.

  5. I like the whole look of the theme c: nice nice!

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