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It is indeed a real challenge to wear knitted fabric in a tropical country but last weekend, i braved the weather and walked in heels around town in search for the perfect spot to take some gorgeous outfit pictures. This ensemble of cropped top and high waisted skirt seems to fit perfectly together; occasionally peeking just the right amount of my waist line. After a few breaks of sweat, we settled at a clan of old houses; which is a blend of old colonial influences fused with Chinese architecture. i hope you like them. 🙂














Top : Cropped Knit Jumper thanks to SUPRÉ
Skirt : Cotton On
Bangle : DIVA
Bracelet : Thomas Sabo
Ring : Pull & Bear
Heels : Charles & Keith
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  1. nice! they make you look taller 😀 thats a meticulous knitted top!

  2. i can imagine the heat – i was wondering the same thing how on earth I could live in Jakarta and wore knitted tops in some occasions of my uni year. now, I can’t bear wearing jeans if I have to walk outdoor for more than an hour.

    1. is Jakarta hotter than Malaysia? i never been there but i thought it’s the same.. O.o

  3. You’re so right! I had one once that I kinda loved. But because of the weather, I never wore it! In the end, I gave it away so that someone else might do it justice T.T
    LOVE the heels again, though not so crazy about the stillettos. Must be a killer!! @.@

    1. killed my feet FO’SHO!!!!!

  4. so envious of your long slim legs! hehe love your blog =)

  5. Love the spot that you picked! 🙂 Do you mind sharing where it’s at? x

    1. hmm… i don’t quite know exactly how to explain it, but it is on the way to the Telekom Museum.

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