Once in a while i try to pamper myself with spas and massages amidst months packed with labored responsibilities. While some may think the idea unnecessary, i find it acute because life is so short to detox, firm up, and most importantly, relax. We only live once; why don’t live it good? However, what’s more crucial is for the spa / massage boutique to be hygienic, and offer good services. If that fails, then i’d really rather get one from home and be my own therapist.


i was recently given the opportunity to try out a new spa spot and its services @ Solaris Dutamas namely Face Factors Clinic. The moment i arrived i was treated like a queen; and that lasted till the end of my luxurious spa session. i tried the Parafango Sea Weed Wrap and it was an incredibly unforgettable experience. Here i document my journey of my extraordinary spa session:





{i love how the scrub was dotted on the body one part after another instead of spreading it all over the skin; to ensure even application and execution}


{delicious hot sea weed mask; boiling in the white tub}



{my legs = seaweed wrap}



Throughout Europe, seaweed has long been known for its rebalancing effects on the body. The Parafango Sea Weed Wrap is the ultimate moisturizing experience which uses moisturizing treatments to tighten and tone the skin whilst detoxifying the body by stimulating the metabolism. This wrap is a treatment that targets stubborn cellulite on the hips, thighs, and buttocks. Ir can also be used to relief swollen legs and veins.


{spotted: made in Spain – the magical massage i terribly miss}


{end result: a new rejuvenated and revitalized me :D}

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  1. how did you take photos in there? 😛

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