Be The Hottest Girl On The Road


One of the most memorable ways to spend a weekend locally is by doing a road trip test drive. The experience is usually more exhilarating as you get to push a new vehicle; discovering its full potentials and enjoying its exciting drivability.

A couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege to join Honda City Bloggers Drive’s third family road trip to Penang, where I fell in love with Honda City. As you scroll down, I’ll take you through our travels while introducing the special features of this stylish car.


{Honda City Bloggers Drive}


Discovery 1: I can fold the back seats and turn it into a huge storage. P.S. One can fit up to four 9-inch-wide golf bags!


Discovery 2: I can put two grown men in the booth of this car – if they call me skinny.


Discovery 3: This car features a 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine, using Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology, that provides smooth acceleration and fuel economy (yay!).


Discovery 4: Honda City comes with Cruise Control and Econ Mode too. The primary allows me to cruise at the speed I want without having to worry about sneaky policemen, while the latter enables enjoyable smooth driving with improved fuel-efficiency – with just a push of a button.


Discovery 5: This car comes with EIGHT cup holders!


{Had Ipoh’s über famous nasi ganja for lunch without having to queue}


{With Ashley, who truly utilized the 8-speaker audio system and steering audio switch (Discovery 6), blasting some of our favorite tunes, making the drive a truly fun one to remember}


Discovery 7: Be the hottest girl on the road, as City’s front, side, and rear under spoiler is designed to make it a stylish, sporty car with aerodynamic performance.


{Honda City Bloggers Drive photoshoot @ Birch Memorial Clock Tower}


{5 p.m.: Honda Family Road Trip @ Juru AutoCity}


{When you’re there, make sure to make your mark too}


{Took the AutoCity tour, which was like a mini Honda museum – so many interesting facts to unearth!}


{The all-new Dark Ruby Red Pearl City. Haven’t you noticed that heroes usually wear red?}


Discovery 8-10: Built with a concept that centers around the driver and passenger, this hot baby comes with 6 airbags (!), an ISO fix for child safety seats, and roomy legroom for comfort; even if you’re sitting at the backseat.


{Should you bring your kids to the Honda Family Road Trip, make sure to look out for the special egg painting activity}


 {Side Knot fashion post here}


{Test drive with the talented ‘Astro Star Quest’ winner Zhao Jie Ying, where we found Discovery 11: Honda City uses Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) that increases stability and control for emergency braking situations. This is a truly important factor when buying a car!}


{Delicious dinner @ Penang’s seafood village}


{All this to myself @ The Light Hotel. Did you know that it was a gift from Nasi Kandar Pelita’s owner to his son?}


{Brand new day for a City Bloggers Drive!}


{Black on black}


Discovery 12: This car might be named Honda City instead of Honda Country, but it performs like a superhero on muddy grounds too. I was really, really impressed!


Discovery 13 & 14: When City detects sudden braking at unexpected situations, its rear brake and hazard lights flash automatically. It also comes with Hill Start Assist to prevent the car from rolling backwards when brakes are released on an incline.


Discovery 15: City comes with Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), which means it stabilizes the car during piu yee tight cornering.


Discovery 16: The wonders of touch screen. Touch screens simply take any design up a notch. City is equipped with touch panel air conditioning, speed dial to make calls via Bluetooth, mirror apps from smartphones, Siri Eyes Free Mode . . .


Discovery 17: (My favorite one) 3 power sockets and 2 USB ports totally RULE THE WORLD! Phones become our enemy when they run out of battery, don’t they?


Discovery 18: City is a beautiful car of illuminations – ambience lighting that illuminates the front floor and side steps for style, visibility, and even protection, i.e. front fog lights which are perfect for hazy days.


Discovery 19: City comes with a set of pretty awesome wheels! Multi-spoke Alloy Wheels? Yes, thank you!


Discovery 20: Whether you are a student, young executive, a newly married couple, or a couple married for 40 years already, City makes you the hottest girl (or guy) on the road.


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