[AD] Cha Cha


{Eri, me, Ruby}

As our nation celebrated a marathon of fiestas, i found myself struggling to settle into the festive spirit. Somehow the mood to celebrate wasn’t there as much as i would love it to be. It felt like something was literally missing. Lucky it didn’t take me too long to realize what was absent – my best friends’ company. When Ruby came back from Perlis, we had an immediate call of action to plan our ala Sex & The City reunion at none other than our usual hangout bar, Pinchos.





The flash of my camera is broken for the second time in less than a year; which explains why the more visible pictures taken are accompanied by a tiny oil candle we named “Sex Glow“. Lucky i had with me my HTC ChaCha that comes with a great flash + camera, and adorable Facebook button that makes sharing so much easier too. Be it status updates, pictures, or videos, just give it one touch and bingo!


Trust me when i say that the camera in this phone is awesome. i could actually trust and rely on it to compensate for my broken flash. Here we go again~!




i was wearing Sequin Party Dress from The Pop Look.


p/s: There is an easy “Like it. Push it.” contest where you can take part here to win a HTC ChaCha for yourself. Good luck!


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    1. the phone or the party? haha! q;

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