[AD] 10,000 Steps


{Rubi red pumps: slow walk to a romantic dinner}


{Converse: to play in the fields}


{Tiamo ballet flats: to shop (all day) at the mall}


{Crocs: to play under the rain}


{Pedro killer heels: to strut at Collywood events}


{Havaianas flip flops: to stroll in the garden swimming pool}


{bare feet: to walk on (painful) stepping stones}


{daddy’s shoes: during family walks}

No matter what you wear on your feet, where you go, or with whom you go with, walking is a good daily routine to practice for a healthy lifestyle. To be honest, i don’t exercise a lot but i do replace that with walking. If you are not a fan of going to the gym or running on treadmills, here are a few places that you can walk in Malaysia (many people told me it is impossible because of the weather):

Pasar malam alor gajah 9

{Pasar Malam: once a week. the night market restricts you to only walking due to its narrow alleys. at the same time, you get to eat, shop, and enjoy what it’s like being Truly Malaysian!}


{KLCC park: once a weekend. this is my #1 go-to place to jog / walk due to its park design and structure. forget concrete jungles. this is a jungle in the concrete!}


{Bangsar: to shop. because along this street there are interesting boutiques (mostly on the second floor); which forces you to walk, climb stairs, and stroll the suburb instead of driving around because parking spaces is impossible to find}

So there you go! 3 different places for a minimum of walking exercise 3 times a week. Be it the:


{chicken walk}




{or moonwalk}

Aim for 10,000 steps a day with your family and friends. In time, push yourself a lil’ to increase the number of steps and distance based on your ability. Walking is not only easy and beneficial to your health; it is also a great way to bond with your loved ones. For more fun health tips on eating habits and healthy living, tune in to 1 Sihat Malaysia, hosted by Fahrin Ahmad and features stories from the local celebrities, or click www.gayahidupsihat.my 😉


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  1. love all ur shoes haha…especially the converse one

    1. do u have a pair of Converse too? (;

  2. yeah i do huhu…and love it

  3. interesting 😀
    i totally should walk more often! gettin fatter 🙁


  4. is good! thumbs up!

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