[AD] Wishlist


1. Claire spaghetti strap lace dress
2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
3. Trees Acessórios heart earrings
4. Balenciaga Classic Town bag
5. Topshop Metalic Nails in Heart of Gold
6. Michael Kors Faye Velvet wedge


One of the items in my X’mas wish list is definitely a tablet. One that is not too big, not too small, and one that does not only operates on Wi-Fi. Time and time again i am put in situations that require me to do more than what a smart phone can do. For example, when a client needs me to publish an advert immediately but i’m out running errands or simply having lunch. The thought of carrying a laptop around to standby for such ‘calls’ is simply ridiculous if not tedious, so i always have to rush back home just to edit drafts or click on the ‘publish’ button. To those of you who at some point faced the same problem as me, here’s a solution:


The Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 8.9 is the ideal tablet with just the right size, and with Celcom you get the best network connection that gives you the widest coverage in the country anywhere you go! Think seamless video streaming plus the richest web experience; just you and your tablet. Not to forget great savings with the best deals and perfect plans that suit your needs from as low as RM1288 (RRP: RM1699). In addition to the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, there’s also the Samsung Galaxy Tab (7”) from as low as RM668, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1RM1468.


Can’t get enough? Visit www.celcom.com.my/smartphones for more information on the entire suite of Samsung Galaxy Tab choices. Merry X’mas! 😉


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  1. Merry Christmas~~

    fast2 buy ur Galaxy Tab.. haha

    1. awesome, right? i so want it T_T

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