{5 Things} : Kitchen Delights

The {5 things} that made my previous week happened to be the little things i found in my kitchen. Most of them came fresh from the orchard or farm, like this number one.

1. These kampung eggs


{because they were from grandma and i’ve been having them half-boiled for breakfast every morning with a dash of premium soy sauce and sprinkles of white pepper}

2. This pomelo


{because i bought and peeled one for the very first time and it turned out beautiful}

3. This Spanish toad skin melon


{because it is a RM60 melon a|x got me (to prove that the honey dew we got at Tesco was awful), and i must say that it tastes better than ice-cream!}

4. These dates


{because mum specially got them from our village and they are dangerously sweet besides being super natural}

5. These passion fruits


{because grandma planted them in her garden once my brother made it official that it is his favorite fruit}

* * *

On the contrary to my kitchen delights, i must also inform you about the best party that is coming to town this 22 October starting from 7 p.m. at Helipad, Sepang International Circuit by XPLAY. Grammy-Award winning DJ, Paul Van Dyk (who made high-profile remixes of hit songs like Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around” and Britney Spears “Gimme More”) will be there to rock the party!

Dance Valley Paul Van Dyk 1280x960 Club Music Wallpaper

To my readers who are not in the peninsula, don’t feel left out just yet because there is ALSO a party happening at Kota Kinabalu in Bed Club this 8th of October featuring DJ Shy, the first on-air female mixer for America’s Top 40 radio station.

Here’s how you can win passes:

1. If you’re an Xpax or U.O.X. member, just reload:

a) Register by sending XPLAYPVD to 28881

b) Reload RM50

c) You’ll receive a mobile voucher redeemable for 1 FREE ticket

2. Subscribe to Instanet Monthly @ RM50/month & stand to win 2 tickets! (while stocks last).

3. If you’re a Celcom Broadband customer, activate Musicube & stand to win 2 tickets! (while stocks last).

4. Download special XPLAY packages from THE CUBE & stand to win 2 VIP passes.

Undeniably, there will be more than just what i mentioned. Click here (for KL) and here (for KK) to find out what’s in store for you at the XPLAY Future party. 😉

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  1. You make me wanna make a list of something as well lol .. just for the sake of making a list

  2. eh yg pix no.3 tu honey dew kan?

  3. Another dose of goodness and you definitely have my 2 thumbs up! 😉 Cheers always!

  4. honey dew, tapi spicis espanyol!

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