Put A Ring On It?

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I received news from my best friend who had a friend flew all the way to Australia to tell her about The Big News – she’s engaged. Despite being happy for the girl, I don’t know which to be envy of – the fact that she could go such distance for my best friend, or the fact that she has got a rock.

As usual, we BBM-ed for hours. The topic: What makes a man, propose? As girls, we think about these stuff since the day we started playing Barbie and Ken, when boys were busy wanking their dicks away watching porn. Perhaps God did not design women to “make the first move”, or there would be too many marriages in this world. But what logic does it make when a man wakes up one day and think to himself “I wanna marry her today and forever”?

In my Google Plus circle of acquaintances, I know more than too many men who simply wish to find a woman for the sake of starting a family. Perhaps it’s because they feel old. Maybe it’s peer pressure. Some are even worried that their sperm may not be fertile anymore (wtf). As long as there’s some love between them, it’s time to make babies. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Neither that, nor old white men who ended up marrying their maids. Seriously. Are there better reasons that makes a man upgrade his relationship to the next stage?

When women talk about marriage or future plans, men call us “pushy”. When women talk about other people’s marriage, men assume we are hinting, therefor we are still, “pushy”. In the end, women can only talk about these things over coffee with their girl friends and laugh about how good, and easy it would be if they were all lesbians so they could just marry each other. How sad is that? Pour us some thoughts.

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  1. r u desperate? it depends on the guy. his situation, his age, so on n so forth. he might want u only as a companion bcause his family is not ere.

    1. that would be terrible! haha

  2. Not only to propose but just to be committed and move forward is the first hurdle.

    I believe when a guy do propose, he felt like there’s no one else in the world he rather wake up to in the morning.

    Cliche but I believe so.;)

    1. like in the movies? hehe!!

  3. yes.. don’t be pushy.. haha.. it’s scary i guess 😛

  4. Me and my bf has talked about this, but I guess if both of us are mature and in good relationship, talking about marriage would not be consider pushy but rather a move that both of us want to move forward together to have family and children. Haha I think sometimes we are not ready but our parents are ! LOL. And I think guy at certain age want some kinda of achievement and family is probably one of them !

    1. that’s true, about the parents part, tho i’m talking about this issue in general. heard a few similar stories around. sigh~

  5. getting married only puts you in a status- black and white legally. moving in together isnt easy, thus its a huge challenge for loads of couples- provided they have mentally prepared to live like a married couple. (:

    1. well.. there’s no point for me to talk about this now that it has ended… </3

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