Partying is one thing, but being sponsored to party is a whole different phenomenon. I was flown to Penang together with Reshmonu, Chelsia Ng, and a bunch of other local celebrities for the Black Circuit Lounge Race party themed “Great Britain” to basically: Rock a party. Such exceptional occasion could only occur with the name “Johnnie Walker”. Two time Formula One™ World Champion and Johnnie Walker® Responsible Drinking Ambassador, Mika Häkkinen and Mandopop superstar, JJ Lin were also there to celebrate world’s No. 1 Scotch whisky with us!


{Mika, signing the signature wall to pledge to Never Drink and Drive; Johnnie Walker’s responsible drinking social initiative worldwide. Winners always stay in control, guys! ;)}


{introducing the complete hot Nuffnang bloggers club: Hui Wen | yours truly | Jane | Ringo. the VIP treatment for invited guests began as we arrived to complimentary valet service, while an array of supercars were prominently parked at the entrance}


{sporty, stylish, and glamorous walkway leading uptown footsteps to the magnificent iconic British decor party}


{friendly and charming World Class Mixologists endlessly serving us tea-inspired cocktails at the Black Flavour Lab mixology bar where we discovered the big, bold and complex flavours of the awesome Johnnie Walker Black Label all night long~}

Pic 2hi

{we got the BEST table that night – first row smack right in the middle of the grand stage, thanks to Cheesie – who was interviewed by broadcast media on the black carpet while we got our paparazzi pictures shot endlessly}


{here is the gorgeous hosts Hannah Tan + Oli Pettigrew. Jenny Lim and K.S.Chen, the two lucky and well-deserving Facebook Grand Prize contest winners, were given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up on stage at the party to meet Mika and ask him a question each before receiving an exclusive Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ merchandise signed by the racing legend himself}


{Revel-in-me bringing out the Rebel-in-me}


{MEOW with the CAPS on! partying with Jessicat surely unleashes the Cat Woman in you}


{the beautiful live doll, Chuckei}


{totally diggin’ Cheesie‘s outfit (+ accessories) for the night}


{dancin’ with the now very fit and handsome Kenny Sia to DJ Direct from Las Vegas’s traversed set list that was punctuated by current club favourites and a healthy dose of scratching which left the party in awe of his prodigious talents}


{with the hot girls, then the cool guys…}


{dear ol’ Ken snapped this fav shot of mine when headliner Benji Boko from UK stunned every soul who was there that night}


{ever seen, or even tried; cigar smoked cocktail? i swear this is the MOST awesome drink ever, but yet i can NOT forget the Gold Celebration Moment as we sipped on the ever-so-indulgent Gold Obsession cocktail (elegantly served with a chocolate stick!) as a blizzard of gold confetti sparkled the air like magic}


{Remember: Celebrate life, every day, everywhere, but NEVER drink and drive.}

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