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Past week was spent fabulously, especially when the whole camera crew and fun, creative people from Veet came to visit my apartment (with loads of clothes and food). It was a Monday evening and my usual lonely, tungsten-lit room has never seemed so bright! With the mics attached to my shirt, the “Whenever you’re ready – 3, 2, 1, action”, and giant lights shinning on my face; it all made me feel great to be back on set.



This shoot is all about achieving soft, smooth, silky skin, and what you could do with it after (creatively). i know many girls who have beautiful skin, but are too afraid to wear sleeveless top or shorts in fear that their skin hair might show. Even after they remove them (when they finally do), they are STILL afraid because in the course of living with their (removable) hair, their confidence has tarnished. Therefore, this video is to remind and encourage all women out there who can relate to this situation that this, is the time for you to shine!



Here’s the final video product on how to Veet It Off, and some simple on-the-go ideas on how to sexc-fy your most basic outfits! :


How To:

1. Warm | 2. Peel | 3. Stick & Rub | 4. Peel Easy Grip | 5. Swipe with Perfect Finish Wipe


Simple Tips:

  • Roll up sleeves of a basic top to reveal your silky smooth hairless arms
  • Tie a neat knot at your back to show off that cute belly button!


You may not see the difference between Veet cream / wax VS regular shaving method immediately, but in the long run shaving is scary. First and foremost, it leaves sharp ends, which feel rough and prickly. Imagine if your date was to accidentally rub his arms against yours… O_O enough said. Secondly, your hair is cut off at skin surface and you risk nicks & cuts. Yuck! Plus, you have to shave every 2 days. Double yucks. Whereas wax, on the other hand, coats the hair and remove it from the roots; promising you smooth hair free skin for up to 4 weeks!


{showing off some delicious skin by rolling up my sleeves, paired with hot pink shorts}

Veet is the no. 1 hair removal cream in Malaysia backed by more than 80 years of experience and expertise; empowering women who seeks effective and convenient hair removal products, giving them the self‐confidence that comes from within. There’s a Veet for every skin type and comes in the form of Cream and Wax where the range of products such as Veet Resera and Veet In Shower contain special skincare ingredients for normal, dry or sensitive skin making your skin feel soft and smooth, giving you the confidence to flaunt it through shorter outfits!

Veet front

Having that said, Veet it Off is up with a creative contest to encourage young women show off their soft and flawless skin creatively by
altering their clothes shorter. It’s all about the confidence, girls! By using Veet you have no reasons to be shy and cover up – NOW is the time to outshine the world with your silky smooth skin. Contest details are as below (not to mention its crazy cool prizes) :

The Veet it Off Contest:

  • Logon to: www.facebook.com/VeetMalaysia
  • Fill in a form and submit a photo of your Veet it Off outfit.
  • Be the top 50 voted participants and panel of Judges will select the final 10 contestants

For the 10 girls who attend the grand finale to show off their outfit stand to win RM10,000 worth of prizes!

  • 1 x Grand Prize: RM 5,000 cash
  • 1 x magazine editorial appearance
  • 1 year of Veet products
  • Makeover by beauty industry professionals
  • Photo shoot by renowned photographer

9 x Consolation Prizes:

  • RM 500 cash
  • 1 year of Veet products
  • Makeover by beauty industry professionals
  • Photo shoot by renowned photographer

1 x Most Creative Award:

  • RM 500 cash
  • 1 year of Veet products

1 x Fans Most Voted Award:

  • RM 500 cash
  • 1 year of Veet products



What are you waiting for? Veet It Off with a girl friend in a slumber party today! 😀


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