[AD] Radiant Rainbow Skin~!

Just like mummy, i get lotsa compliments when it comes to my complexion. Well, if you think the secret is using the right foundation, you are right! But only half right.

A real good complexion means even without makeup, you won’t scare your boyfriend away! You feel confident and comfortable with your bare skin, and you love it.


Just like i do. 😀

Truth is, beauty does have a price to pay. Even if God gave you the best features and figure on earth, you still have to maintain it. Agree? Agree or not.


Having said that, allow me to share with you two secrets. One about my “flawless” skin, and another which; i’m sure can help my ladies out there who feels me too. ^_^

Secret #1 :


i HAD flawless skin. Over the years (after probably 5 meters thick of makeup accumulated applied over my face), the quality of my complexion has seriously downgraded. 🙁

My pores are clogged with foundation, powder, oil, and i started to see these stupid white + black heads mushrooming around my T-zone.



So what i did was squeeze the hell outta ’em. It became a habit. A very. bad. habit. What happened was the pores… they became HUGE! </3

One day, my cute beautician aunt introduced me to a product named Cellnique. Honestly i was a bit skeptical at first until my cousin, Raychelle told me how this “pineapple mask” became a TOP FAV in her family.

Now i just HAVE to try that out!


i visited this website and discovered the magic of “b.living”. From that day onwards, my white + black heads and large pores problems are both SOLVED!

Here is how.

Secret #2 :


a) Off with those Heads! *Hot Pick*


This light cooling gel keeps excessive oil secretion under control,


and removes stubborn blackheads and whiteheads painlessly in just 14 days, + stop them from appearing ever again!


Just pump 2 – 3 pea size of this peppermint drops and rub it onto the area you wanna “attack”. lol


And goodbye painful squeezing! 😀


My white + black heads COMBO. Muahahahah`


There you go. “Heads”, off. Yay!

But that’s not all. You have to close back those poor over-stretched pores, because they can’t do it on their own. Obviously~


How do you solve this then?


b) Shrink and Tighten!


Here is my (i) Large Pores Reducing Serum & (ii) Large Pores Reducing Serum +. One for the day, and the other for night. 🙂

i shall start off with (i) first.

Filled with collagen, antioxidants, and skin cells repairing properties, these mighty ingredients help seal the pores and calm down skin irritation after all that squeezing.


Pump 2 – 3 pea size of this silky, smooth, and non-sticky fluid onto your palm,


and apply evenly onto your face. i know you probably only squeezed your nose, but don’t just apply this there okay? lol


i swear i’m not wearing ANY foundation on my skin.


(ii) is the same with (i), except that it is my SUPER SUPER SUPER FAV amongst all because i can see the result overnight! It’s almost magical~


This elixir has all the goody nutrients for firmer and brighter skin complexion. A pore reducing night complex, this magic potion leaves you looking flawless and ensures your large pores stay out of sight!


It has a warm sensation when you apply it onto your face. Super lovesss & super recommend!


Look!! <3

As i said, beauty has a price to pay. All the above is still not enough if you want a brighter, firmer, more radiant complexion.

So, you’ve gotta read on to discover more secrets! ha ha 8)


c) Glow and Shine smoothening mask.


Exfoliating + Pores Reducing + Brightening!


This mask deep cleanses, polishes and moisturizes your skin. For those who apply makeup often like me, this is made for you.


This fruity clay also lightens and brightens the dull and uneven toned face, bringing out the inner glow and shine of your face.


pai seh lah~ don’t see. lol


i am sure you think i’m wearing makeup in this picture but the only area that has makeup are my eyes + eyebrows.

So folks, the above are my new found secret(s) to solve white + blackheads and large pores problems.


For those who wants a boost of hydration,


This is uber important too. i repeat, UBERRR

No matter what skin type you have – be it oily, dry, combination, or acne, nobody can get too much hydration.


d) A 3-in-1 hydrating mask, Leach Me acts fast in penetrating its nutrients to moisturize, prevent signs of aging and restore your healthy glow.


Leave it on for 20 – 30 minutes.


Read a book,


play your iPhone, and…




Say goodbye to THIS!


You will notice how easy it is to apply makeup when your skin is at tip top condition. Lovely!

On another note, b.liv has been around the world for 365 days and there is a contest to dress up b.liv and win grand prizes (products) worth USD 365!

Click this to find out how you can Dress Up B.liv!

How to win:

  • Be b.liv facebook fan by clicking ‘like’.
  • Upload “dress up b.liv” photo here & write a caption of b.day message in 10 words or less.
  • Get your friends to vote for you by clicking ‘like’ on your photo.
  • 1st participant that receive 365 votes will win the grand prize.
  • At the end of each week (Sunday), 3 winners will be selected based on the highest number of votes.
  • If you are not the winners of the week, you do not need to resubmit the photo. Continue to rally your friends for votes!


b.liv is a product about confidence and seeking to inspire youth today to believe that they can make a difference not only in the care of their skin, but also the World they live in. 


You can shop online here at www.blivskin.com. They offer FREE international shipping w/out any minimum purchase, and delivery is within 5 business days upon order. Or, you can buy the products at Sa Sa, Alpro or Healthlane.

i hope this new lil’ secrets of mine will help most of you out there who feels like they have been dealing with this problem all along.

Good luck 🙂

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  1. hi…
    found ur blot from haniszalikha..
    btw, nice blog…

  2. Even though is advert, thanks for the tips. I’ll go and try it out myself. Love your beautiful skin, love ya. ^^

  3. thanks for sharing such a beautiful post. I seriously need
    some guidance for blackheads removal.. 🙁

    1. use the products i recommended – the 1st 3 at least, & get the blackhead remover tool from Body Shop. i think it is only 12 bucks (;

  4. The skin looks the same before and after. 🙁
    Or perhaps u have a good complexion there.

  5. Hey Cindy!

    I’ve used the Off with those Heads and I can confirm
    to everyone that it seriously works! In 2 weeks my blackheads
    became lesser until one day there’s no more left. I’ve used
    for about 4 months now. I haven’t tried
    the other products yet but I’m sure it works too. Thanks for
    the review. Might buy Shrink and Tighten next! 🙂

  6. […] A few days later, I read a review of this brand on Cindy’s blog. I like to read Cindy’s blog because she recommends a lot of good stuffs to her readers. You can read her review HERE. […]

  7. Hello! I was wondering how fast did it take to see results for the shrink & tighten products? Any weird smell? Cos i tried the testers at Sasa and they smell rancid, like glue.. not sure if it’s because it has been opened and used by many people.

    1. but it works for me so far~ i think u can give it a try babe! never know until u do 😉

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