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i saw the BIGGEST LOBSTER in my life and boy, was it tasty~! i tried a piece of it and couldn’t get enough, so i decided to take it home with me. SERIOUSLY. Here are some pictures to prove:


6:12 P.M. – Hungry. It’s dinner time. Fighting with Mrs. Langosta but she won’t bulge.


6:30 P.M. – Brain stormed. Trying other kidnapping strategies like… Sneaking behind her back.


6:30:25 P.M. – SURPRISE ATTACK!!!


6:47 P.M. – STILL struggling with a lobster in public. People are suspecting! #FML


7:10 P.M. – Hungry max. Decided to carry the stubborn heavy lobster home… but #fail. )=


If you have been a loyal follower of my blog , Twitter, or Facebook, i’m very sure you know well enough that i am in LOVE with Australia. i try my best to make a trip there at least once a year but unfortunately for 2011, i won’t be going because i am… well, broke. So when i came across this AirAsia X flies to Perth contest, i couldn’t resist trying my luck! Happen to be an OZ lover too? Here’s how you can participate:


Take a picture of yourself (or with friends) with one of the ambient structures in the most creative way possible, and email the picture with your full details (Full Name, Contact Number, Email Address, & IC or Passport Number) to facebook@airasia.com with the subject : “AirAsia X flies to Perth!”.

You can spot these structures at:-
1) Giant Lobster: Pavilion, near TopShop and La Bodega
2) Fremantle Prison: OneUtama @ GSC Cinema, 4th Floor
3) Sealions: One Utama @ New Wing, 1st Floor
4) Surfboards: Sunway Pyramid @ LG2, near Watsons

At the end of the contest period, the Organizer will select the 5 most creative pictures which will be put up for public voting via “Survey Monkey” on AirAsia Facebook page. 4 winners will be selected and AirAsia X will send you and a friend to Perth! Click this for more details. On top of that, good luck (to me)!!! 😀

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  1. I’d say…the humping lobster pic would win. Wakakaka! Oh did I just laugh? Soli. XD


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